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Enchant Christmas at Tropicana Field

Are you looking for fun, festive things to do around the Tampa Bay area to get you and your family in the holiday mood? Visit America’s biggest Christmas village and maze at Tropicana Field. Enchant Christmas is back!

If our temperatures that hang out in the 70’s and 80’s don’t inspire you to embrace the holiday spirit, things will change when you step inside the magical wonderland of Enchant St. Pete.

It’s a truly special Christmas-themed event that offers opportunities for guests to ice skate and view thousands of twinkling lights. You can also stroll around and do some holiday shopping for unique gifts in the Christmas market.

If you want to buy tickets, you can do so online. Tickets prices start at $35 for adults and $20 for kids. Even if you can’t make it until after Christmas, that’s cool, because it will be going on through January 1, 2023.

I’ve seen tons of Rays games at Tropicana Field, so it’s awesome to see that space transformed to feature a treat of a holiday experience.

Taste delicious food, view the animated light sculptures, watch live entertainment in the Village, play interactive games, and see Santa & Mrs. Claus.

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Why The Fall Time Change Makes Roxanne So Happy

This is my favorite time of the year. Sure, the holidays are fun, and it’s nice to feel cooler weather, but what really makes me so happy is being able to change the clocks.

If they pass this Sunshine Act, I’m going to be so angry. I feel like the politicians did NOTHING to figure out what is actually good for your body and good for you sleep cycles when they came up with this bill. Americans STRUGGLE when it comes to getting enough rest and shoving us into year-round Daylight-Saving Time would only make things worse.

But all seriousness aside, I shall share with you five reasons I love to fall back.

  • 1. My kids will go to bed earlier.

    Try putting a kid to bed when the sun is still out. It’s impossible. An earlier sunset means you can get your kids all cozy and in bed sooner, and you can have an extra hour to yourself to prepare for the day ahead.

  • 2. It's safer for kids when they are walking to school or the bus stop.

    We were off from the show today, and I had a chance to walk my daughter to school. The sun was not even out yet. This makes it dangerous for kids because drives can’t see them as they are rushing off to work. The sun didn’t rise today until 7:45 A.M. Next week it will rise around 6:45, and it will be easier to get the kids out of bed in the morning.

  • 3. Standard time is better for our bodies.

    You can read here to find out just how bad it is for our bodies when we switch the clocks in March. But in essence, the further off kilter you are from rising and going to bed WITH the sun, the worse it is for your sleep cycles and health, in general.

  • 4. You can start doing "dark time" activities at 5:30.

    People get excited about “Daylight Saving” because you can stay out later doing daytime activities. But what about things that are more fun at night?…Like looking at Christmas lights or going to parties. You can kick those off even earlier because it will be dark!

  • 5. And of course, we GAIN an hour.

    Who in their right mind wants to lose an hour? That’s NEVER fun. I will enjoy all 3,600 extra seconds!