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Have you been to Tampa’s Riverwalk? It’s a beautiful place to take the family or go on a date or with friends.

Just another spot to love about Tampa. And now the Tampa Riverwalk is getting some love nationally. It’s among the top 20 finalists in a national contest, USA Today’s 10 Best Riverwalks across the U.S. And guess what! So far, it’s in the lead.

You can vote for the Tampa Riverwalk up until noon on February 6th.

Other Riverwalks in the running include the Chicago Riverwalk, Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Detroit International Riverwalk, San Antonio River Walk and the Tennessee River Park to name a few.

Our local Riverwalk is 2.6-mile-long. It’s a spot that’s great if there’s a big event or performance or boat parade. Of course, Gasparilla! And it takes you along the Tampa River. You’ve got great views; it connects you to restaurants. You can watch kayakers and all kinds of watercraft on the river. It’s the spot!

In the competition, Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky is the Riverwalk that’s hot on Tampa’s heels (and at one point, was in the lead). So let’s keep Tampa out in front!

So far, Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky, has been giving Tampa a run for its money.

Here is a way you can vote.

The winners will be announced on Friday, February 17th.

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