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When we heard the property where Tampa Kojak’s BBQ was had been sold, it was expected that it would become a residential site. Now, things have changed.

Who now owns that property on Gandy Blvd. in Tampa?

Sight Development had purchased the site and was expected to build townhouses. Instead, they’ve sold the property to some heavy hitters in Tampa.

After selling off their McDonald’s stores, the Caspers family has continued to create new concepts. Their company, Oxford Commons, operates Oxford Exchange, The Library in St. Petersburg and Stovall House.

After buying the site for $2 million, Sight Development sold the property to Oxford Commons for $4.6 million. However, there’s no word yet on what the Caspers plan to do with the location.

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The 10 Most Addictive Foods (And Where To Find Them In Tampa)

It’s day 5. How’s that New Year’s resolution going? A survey was done to find the foods that people find the most addictive. Resolving to eat better often means limiting or cutting those fattening, salty and high-carb goodies. Those cravings kick in and crush those resolutions for most within the first couple weeks. They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit, so if you can make it 2 months, you’re on your way.

Healthline says these are the 10 most craved addictive foods based on their survey responses. They asked respondents to assign a number to each food. 1 is the least addictive. 7 is the most addictive.

  • #10: Cheese

    Score: 3.22.

    I mean you can’t go wrong by heading straight to Mazzaro’s in St. Pete. Not just for the cheese, but there’s that incredible bakery, fresh pasta, great sandwiches and big deli.

  • #9: Cake

    Score: 3.26.

    Wright’s Gourmet House is my go to for great cupcakes. Especially after one of their BLTs or Cubans.

  • #8: Soda

    Score: 3.29.

    They don’t carry it anymore, but Mazzaro’s used to carry my favorite soda – a blueberry one made in Portland, Maine. But I haven’t seen it in a while.

  • #7: Cheeseburgers

    Score: 3.51.

    Call me crazy. I know most go for the Italian Beef or Hot Dogs, but I love the burgers at Portillo’s.

  • #6: French Fries

    Score: 3.60.

    My favorite french fries are at Wing Stop. The seasoning is so perfect.

  • #5: Ice Cream

    Score: 3.68.

    Strachan’s Ice Cream in Palm Harbor is tough to beat.

  • #4: Cookies

    Score: 3.71.

    Tough one here. I think I make the best cookies, but Publix really does it well for a grocery store.

  • #2 (tie): Chips

    Score: 3.73.

    You can’t find my favorite potato chips in Florida. You have to go to Maine or Canada and find ketchup chips from Old Dutch or Humpty Dumpty. So good!

  • #2 (tie): Chocolate

    Score: 3.73.

    I don’t have a particular place in Tampa for chocolate. I’m happy with a Reese’s Cup.

  • #1: Pizza

    Score: 4.01.

    Cristino’s Coal Oven pizza in Clearwater has been my favorite ever since listeners turned me on to them about 5 years ago. The first time I went the pizza was so good that I didn’t even seek pizza out when I visited NYC the week after. And you’ve gotta have pizza when you go to New York City.

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