After a teenager fell out of a similar ride in Orlando last year, Busch Gardens decided to play it safe and temporarily close down my favorite ride, Falcon’s Fury. The Tampa Bay Times reports today that the wait is almost over to ride again.

Initially it was that whole “out of an abundance of caution” thing. The press was all over that park in Orlando where the teen died. Were the correct safety measures in place? And it makes for a catchy headline to point out that Busch Gardens Tampa had a ride that was similar. However, just because two rides have similarities, doesn’t mean our version was unsafe.

In fact, Busch Gardens used the downtime for Falcon’s Fury to do some upgrades. But they say the supply chain issues stalled the reopening. So when’s the big day? No specific date seems set yet, but the Times reports it will be within the next few months. They’re just saying “spring” so we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. [Source: Tampa Bay Times]

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