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Imagine being able to drive and nap at the same time. Seems impossible, right? Good news for you, Ford is working on a feature that would let drivers take naps behind the wheel. In an interview with Fox News, Jim Farley, the Ford CEO said that they’re not working on autonomous cars anymore. Instead, they’re focusing on “eyes off the road” features.

The idea of being able to nap, text, or eat a three-course meal while your car drives you to your destination seems risky. If you have seen shows like Amazon Prime’s Upload, then you may be familiar with this concept. You can view an eerily similar self-driving moment of its first episode here.

The auto company launched Latitude A.I. which develops semi-autonomous advanced driver assistance systems. The development of this system will allow drivers to not only stop paying attention while their car is in motion but even take a nap.

“We feel like that is such a big unlock for customers,” said Ford CEO Farley to Fox News. He even mentioned that the company just passed 50 million miles of hands-free driving with their Blue Cruise system and the customer demand for low-stress driving highway systems is high.

Ford currently offers a hands-free system called BlueCruise which uses cameras, radar, GPS, and maps that allow it to control a car within a highway lane by itself. However, the driver has to watch the road and be alert just in case of an emergency.

Keep in mind that the new feature is in development. Ford still has to prove that the tech is safe enough before hitting the roads. Though Farley said that the company isn’t too far off from it happening, there’s no timeline for completion.

Would this new feature from Ford change your life?

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