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Events in Tampa

I’m so thrilled that Craig Woodard Sr. and Christine Woodard have asked me to be a part of the DSATB Rise-Up for Down Syndrome Anniversary Gala.

This is a truly incredible event that will take place on March 25 at the Winthrop Barn Theater in Riverview.

Come help us celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and DSATB’s 5th year anniversary. It’s a Black-Tie affair, so dress to impress.

Enjoy dinner, dancing, drinks, music, a silent auction and watch a few Community Awards presented including the Community Advocacy Award. The main award recipient is award winning feature reporter, FOX 13’s Charley Belcher

Tickets are still available.

It was so wonderful to catch up with Craig to hear all about the event details and about the book that he’s written, Down Syndrome, Blessed With ThisAbility. You can hear our interview here.

Four Tampa Publix Stores Where You Can Find Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookie Season? Would you like to find girl scout cookies at a Publix in Tampa near you?

It’s that time of year, but it’s wrapping up quickly. We came up with a list of four Publix stores in Tampa where you’ll be able to find Girl Scouts selling cookies as the season winds down.

Also, I had a chance to catch up with Mary Pat King. She is the CEO of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. Girl Scout Cookie Season lasts through March 12. I chatted with Mary Pat about what exactly goes into cookie season for the scouts and troop leaders, as well what the troops do with the funds raised via cookie sales. I also found out that there are special cookie programs to send cookies to troops overseas and to donate them.

Have your kids or grandkids ever participated in Girl Scout programs? Mary Pat told me about all of the valuable qualities the girls develop by being a part of it. You can find out more about signing up here.

We also discussed the Women of Distinction Luncheon, and I found out about the amazing women being honored this week, which also happens to be International Women’s Week. Girl Scouts is about so many things: sisterhood, empowerment and more. It’s wonderful for the girls to be impacted by the luncheon’s salute to these outstanding women during International Women’s Week. The Women of Distinction Luncheon is March 10th at noon at Armature Works.

You can listen to my interview with Mary Pat King here, and it also airs on Sunday morning on The Current.

What are your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavors? It’s kind of a funny thing, but I think I’ve been the same for my entire life. I’ve always loved Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites (formerly, Samoas).

  • 1. Publix #1088



    This Publix is located at 8975 Racetrack Rd. in Tampa. They’ll be selling cookies on Friday, March 10 and Saturday March 11.

  • 2. Publix #1324


    This Publix is located at 8701 W. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. The Girls Scouts will be there on Wednesday, March 8.

  • 3. Publix #1506


    This Publix is located at 3838 Britton Plaza in Tampa. The Girls Scouts will be there on Wednesday, March 8.

  • 4. Publix #1722

    This Publix is located at 4315 W Gandy Blvd in Tampa. The Girls Scouts will be there on Wednesday, March 8.