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In this photo illustration the Netflix logo is seen on September 19, 2014 in Paris, France.

We love doing stories on funny examples of the “Florida Man,” especially when we do Morons in the News stories on the MJ Morning Show. Well guess what’s coming to Netflix.

A new series featuring the “Florida Man.” Netflix reps made the announcement that the series will be available to stream soon.

A statement released by Netflix explained, “We’ve all seen the meme. We’ve all seen the headlines about a seemingly singular ‘Florida man’ breaking laws in the most creative ways imaginable: ‘Florida Man Arrested for [fill in blank with a crazy crime, possibly involving an everglades creature].'”

The series will feature a man named Mike Valentine. Mike has a vice. He’s a recovering gambling addict. Mike returns to Florida after he’s sent by a mob boss to search for a missing ex-girlfriend. That has my attention!

The creator of the show, Donald Todd, is from Florida. He was inspired by his homestate’s quirky lore to tell this story.

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Five Reasons To Love The Pearl Restaurant At Water Street In Tampa

The Pearl Restaurant on Water Street just opened. It’s another unique, fine-dining option for locals and tourists.

The Pearl Restaurant is billed as a tavern & oyster room, but they have plenty of delicious items on the menu, beyond oysters and seafood. It’s a Cameron Mitchell (restauranteur) concept located at 823 Water Street.

It officially opened on Tuesday, but we checked out the soft opening last weekend and really enjoyed all of the food and the vibe. We sat outside and got to people watch and enjoy the evening weather. Blake Shelton was performing at Amalie Arena, which is right next to the restaurant, so once the concert let out, there were swarms of people.

We tried quite a few different menu items. I was most impressed with the appetizers: teriyaki octopus, chicken wing confit, Thai curry mussels, and deviled eggs. But that’s not to say the main course wasn’t fantastic. I had the ricotta dumplings with acorn squash, ricotta Salata, crispy kale and toasted walnuts.

I’m not a big dessert person, but I’m obsessed with the two desserts that I ended up trying. One was like an apple cobbler with caramel, and the other had blueberries and heavy cream involved. They bake fresh pies daily. Overall, the food I ate was rich, not that you can’t find lighter options.

I do enjoy going out to dinner in downtown. There is so much action, especially on a night that there is an event or a hockey game. That can be a good thing or a bad thing…it brings a lot of excitement, but it was a little tricky getting out of downtown with all of the traffic, so you have to plan accordingly. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We will definitely be back. So many great restaurants to choose from in Tampa. Here are five things that made The Pearl stand out.