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Clearwater Beach

When you look at all the beautiful beaches around our state and fun things to do, you might assume Florida would be classified as a lucky state.

But a new study by FloridaBet proves otherwise. According to their study, Florida is the least lucky state in the country. What makes it so unlucky? Well, love for one. I guess us Floridians are sometimes unlucky in love as we have the sixth highest divorce percentage of all the states. We also have the highest number of lightning fatalities here in the Sunshine state.

The study looks at a lot of different factors, including disaster data from the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Well, call it an unlucky state, but I prefer our state over any other others.

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Roxanne's Five Favorite Dessert Spots In Westchase

If you are ever hanging around Westchase and want a cool treat or dessert, I can give you some great advice.

We get desserts after dinner at least once or twice a week. If I’m headed to visit one of my family members and want to arrive with ice cream, it’s so easy to go to this one spot in Westchase called Froyo. It has a drive-thru. I love it. No fuss. They have cute décor in the ice cream shop, too, along with a play area for kids. The shop is in the same plaza as the Publix on Linebaugh.

I love two places in the plaza (that Sprouts is in) on the corner of Linebaugh and Sheldon. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has all kinds of yummy flavors, and I like it because I feel like it’s lighter than ice cream. Opposite end of the calorie spectrum…Crumbl Cookies. They are my FAVORITE. My girlfriend came to visit me from New York City and introduced me to Cookies because they have them in New York. Amazing!

If you are enjoying dinner at Catch 23, which is on Montague in the heart of Westchase, you can treat yourself if you save some room for creamy treats after dinner at Whit’s Frozen Custard. It’s fun to get a cone or a cup to go and then stroll down Montague Street.

You’re going to laugh at my final choice. Grain and Berry. We call it “ice cream” in our family. I’ve tricked my kids into thinking that Grain and Berry serves ice cream. They pick either “purple ice cream” (acai bow) or “pink ice cream” (dragon fruit bowl). I wonder how long I can keep that ruse up before they figure it out.

If you want more information about these five great places, you can see the list below.