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If you often use Amazon to purchase and ship products, you’ll love this!  A warning notice of “frequently returned”, is being attached to products that customers ship back to Amazon the most.  The company is also suggesting that you should check their product details and especially their product reviews before making a purchase.

Why is Amazon suddenly so concerned with customer satisfaction?  The giant continues trying to cut costs in order to increase profits, and reducing returns will be a big help.  Processing returns is a huge cost that shrinks profit margins.

Warning you about frequently returned items isn’t the only way Amazon is pressuring sellers to do better.  If a product falls below a certain threshold, an algorithm will alert the seller that Amazon might decrease how often it features the merchandise.

These are cost-cutting measures at Amazon that may actually benefit the consumer by weeding out inferior merchandise.

There’s even a store in Tampa that is just for Amazon overstock and returns. If you haven’t heard about it, the store is called Hotbins and you can find everything under the sun for $12 or cheaper. Check out all the useful things we found there below.