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Redbox Pose

Roxanne is trying to get the Redbox pose to become a “thing.” Her favorite Redbox to pose at is in Westchase on Linebaugh and Countryway.

Hey, it’s Roxanne. Years ago, when Doug and I would go to a 7-11, he would run inside. It was then that I noticed how cool everyone looked when they came up and picked out their Redbox video.

I don’t know what it is about it that I find sexy. Maybe it’s the whole lean in and put one hand on top of the Redbox, hip out, scrolling through the titles. I feel like if you are single, a Redbox might be a great place to make a connection. Like a guy could see a woman checking out a video and could be like, “Wow. You look great. What movie are you renting tonight?” On second thought, maybe that would just come across in a creepy way.

In any case, I said, “Doug, take a pic of me in my Redbox pose and maybe we can get this trend of posing at Redboxes to sweep the nation.” (Pre-kids we had plenty of interesting ways to entertain ourselves.)

So here you go. Here’s me putting the vibe out at the Redbox.

Redbox Photo:


Roxanne at Redbox

And yes, the guys encouraged me to post these because we will take clicks any way we can get them.

If you’ve read this far, maybe you don’t think I’m crazy. And you might think there’s something to this. I’m telling you…there is! And the next time you see someone at a Redbox, you are totally going to think to yourself, “That’s a pretty sexy pose.” Take a pick of yourself, if you’re so inclined. Then hashtag it with a #RedboxPose #RedboxFox #SexyRedbox Whatever works for you. Let’s make this a movement. Haha!

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