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Tampa International Airport Airside A

How in the world did Tampa International Airport land on a list of the most ANGRY airports in America?

There is a new list that just came out, the Forbes Advisory report. And our precious TPA is labeled as the fourth angriest airport.

How is that even possible?

Well they put this list together based on Twitter activity. They analyzed traveler frustrations and key words in different regions. The hot-button angry words looked at included delays, security and hours.

Tampa International angry tweets included the following words: bags, delayed, luggage, security and canceled.

I’ve dealt with some delays but never lost bags. But those things happen at all airports.

The airport that is angrier than TPA is John Wayne Airport in Orange County in California (#1).

If you believe any of this report, the “happiest” or least angry places to fly in and out of are in: Indianapolis, Seattle-Tacoma and Kansas City.

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