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Idalia is now a hurricane and although it looks like the eye will go north of the Tampa Bay area we need to worry about the high tide times and flooding. Storm Surge will be the Tampa Bay area’s biggest concern. Idalia is expected to be a problem Tuesday night to Wednesday afternoon. Thursday is also listed below just in case. The National Hurricane Center have stated that the areas around Tampa Bay and south could see between 3 and 9 feet of storm surge. The tides are different for each area of Tampa Bay and you can see the chart of the high tides Wednesday morning below.

Check out the Tampa Bay high tide times below for the next few days.

Tuesday, August 29th

  • High 3:45am
  • Low 7:12am
  • High 1:29pm
  • Low 9:28pm

Wednesday, August 30th

  • High 4:07am
  • Low 8:10am
  • High 2:28pm
  • Low 10:03pm

Thursday, August 31st

  • High 4:26am
  • Low 9:04am
  • High 3:23pm
  • Low 10:34pm

What Are Tides?

National Geographic has an entire article dedicated to tides. They describe them as, “The alternating advance and retreat of seawater along a coastline is called a tide. High tide is when water advances to its furthest extent onto the shoreline. Low tide is when it recedes to its furthest extent. Some freshwater rivers and lakes can have tides, too. A high tide that is significantly higher than normal is called a king tide. It often accompanies a new moon and when the moon is closest to the Earth. The moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth and the Earth’s rotational force are the two main factors that cause high and low tides.”

Hurricane Idalia Update: Tuesday Timeline and Latest Track

As Florida braces for a visit from Hurricane Idalia, here are the thoughts from Denis Phillips and other Tampa meteorologists on the storm’s track and what Tampa area residents can expect.

Not much has changed in terms of the timeline of Idalia’s arrival. Conditions in the Tampa area will begin to worsen in the afternoon and evening as Idalia approaches.

Be sure your phone and batteries are charged. Double check to make sure you have our free radio station app on your phone. If you lose power, you’ll be able to listen and get updates from the ABC Action News team on the air throughout the storm.

  • Close to a Cat 3

  • Tornado Watch

  • Idalia's Impact Starting In South Florida...

  • The Surge

    It’s still all about the surge…

  • The Walmart Index

    It doesn’t happen often… every register open.

  • Tuesday 5AM Track from the NHC

    The next update comes at 11am.

    cone graphic

  • When we'll feel the winds pick up...

    The latest timeline for the strong sustained winds from the NHC.

    time of arrival graphic

  • Good to know...

    Evacuations are underway…

  • Another little nudge west this morning...

    While they still see this becoming a Category 3 hurricane, the good news for the Tampa area is there was another slight “nudge” to the west this morning.

  • The track as of Tuesday morning...

    The Big Bend is still where the models see Idalia making landfall in Florida.

  • Tuesday morning update from the National Hurricane Center

    Storm surge along the coast continues to the big thing for our area…

  • Denis Phillips answers your questions...

    With the storm’s arrival about 24 hours away, Denis Phillips gave his thoughts last night on Idalia and what impacts we’ll see in Tampa Bay.

  • From the National Weather Service....

    These new maps are helpful to see what kind of misery Idalia will bring to your neighborhood.

  • Storm surge...

    If you live close to the water, today’s final track updates will be key.

  • Wind...

    Important tip about sustained winds vs gusts.

  • Pinellas County concerns...

    Those near the water are keeping a close eye on the track.

  • Denis on what to have in your Hurricane Supply Kit

    Being ready is key.


  • Taking shape...

    Late Monday night location of Idalia…

  • Shelters in Hillsborough County

    Locations in Tampa, Riverview, Wimauma, Lithia, Lutz, and Ruskin.

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