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Video: Shark Attack Survivor Meets Winter And Hope

Tiffany Johnson was attacked by a shark off the coast of Nassau. She felt like something had bumped into her and turned around to be face to face with a shark. The shark had her arm in it's mouth. Tiffany survived the attack, but lost her arm. Tiffany's two children watch Dolphin Tale to relate…

Where Is The MPR Raccoon Now?

The MPR Racoon that scaled the high rise will be honored at a baseball game in St Paul. The team renamed themselves the St. Paul Raccoons and will wear special uniforms that will be auctioned off after the game. So what happened to the raccoon after he was rescued?

FLAG DAY POLL - Who Sang It Best? Who Sang It Worst?

It's Flag Day and we want to know who sang the Star Spangled Banner the best and the worst. Bobby Rich told me Whitney Houston hands down and that might be the winner, but check out a few others before you decide. Whitney Houston LeAnn Rimes Huey Lewis and The News Boyz ll Men Ji…