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Home Drones: Weaponized

Watch this small drone shoot a flame thrower at debris on a power line. Cool to watch... but what happens when a wacko uses a weaponized home-drone to commit harm? Will THIS the newest threat that we will need to deal with?

Gators Advance To College World Series

The Florida Gators Advance to the College World Series with a steal of home and a wild walk-off homer Watch Video Here! In baseball, pitchers are not allowed to "deceive the runner." If the umpiring crew believes that the pitcher was, in fact, deceiving a runner with a throw over to first base, for example,…

Twitter Poll: Suicide

When someone's struggling it's tough to know how to react. Our poll today is about how we would respond to a friend in crisis.   If you or someone you know id struggling, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24/7, and offers free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources…

Bufo Toads Are Back And They Can Kill Your Pets

Poisonous Giant Bufo toads are invading our area after the recent rains. These toads secrete the poison from the top of their head and if you leave your dog or cat water bowl outside and the toad touches it and leaves, it can still hurt your pet! What do they look like and what do…

IHOP Is Changing Names To IHOB

International House Of Breakfast International House Of Bacon What's it going to be on Monday when IHOP changes  to IHOB Just so you know, it's probably a Bacon promotion and the name change is temporary. IHOP knows how to get some free promotion!