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Hank Azaria is Now Fronting a Bruce Springsteen Cover Band

Hank Azaria is best known for his voice acting on The Simpsons, but now he's taking on a surprising new voice: Bruce Springsteen.The veteran actor fronts a Springsteen cover band called Hank Azaria & The EZ Street Band. Azaria told Rolling Stone, "My whole life is about sharing vocal impressions. This, in some ways, is the ultimate of that to me." (A performance of "Glory Days" by Azaria can be seen below.) https://youtu.be/mui8-twCSm8?si=OZ9GE6chrjXqoLGh Rolling Stone noted how this Springsteen project has impacted Azaria's voice. Apparently, when he submitted some recent voice recordings for The Simpsons, producers noticed his voice was rather hoarse. Azaria told producers he was "working on a thing" and then had to re-record some of his characters. The Other Actor Trying to Sing Like Springsteen Coincidently, Azaria isn't the only actor trying to sing like The Boss. [inlink id="jeremy-allen-white-is-gonna-try-to-sing-in-bruce-springsteen-biopic" text="As previously reported"], Jeremy Allen White, who is playing Springsteen in the upcoming biopic Deliver Me From Nowhere, is going to sing in the film.The Emmy Award-winning star of The Bear was asked by Variety in June whether he wanted to sing in the biopic. He responded, "We're gonna try. We're gonna try our best."The actor was also asked if he met or spoken with Springsteen in the lead-up to filming. So far, the actor and music icon haven't met face-to-face, but they have "communicated a little bit through some other people." However, White gave the impression that once scheduling logistics are worked out, he will have the opportunity to meet The Boss.White [inlink id="jeremy-allen-white-springsteen-film" text="was first confirmed to be portraying Springsteen"] in Deliver Me From Nowhere in April. [inlink id="jeremy-allen-white-bruce-springsteen" text="As previously reported"], the film is about the making of Springsteen's 1982 album Nebraska. This film will be an adaptation of the 2023 book Deliver Me From Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska by Warren Zanes.More cast members for Deliver Me From Nowhere have been confirmed. On June 10, Deadline reported that Emmy Award-winning actor Paul Walter Hauser had been cast as Mike Batlan, who is Springsteen's longtime guitar tech. On June 20, Deadline also reported that Odessa Young has also been cast in the film, with the outlet's sources saying Young will play Springsteen's love interest in the film. Details on New Bruce Springsteen Concert Documentary On top of Deliver Me From Nowhere, [inlink id="bruce-springsteen-details-on-new-concert-documentary" text="news broke in May"] that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be the subject of a new concert documentary from Disney+ and Hulu.Per Springsteen's website, Road Diary: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band is slated to premiere in October. The doc will contain "unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access" to The Boss' 2023-24 tour with the E Street Band, including rehearsal footage and a look at how Springsteen crafts a setlist. The documentary's announcement boasts, "In this way, it serves as an essential and never-before-seen chapter in an autobiographical series spanning Springsteen’s memoir 'Born to Run,' 'Springsteen on Broadway,' and the films 'Western Stars' and 'Letter to You.'"Directing Road Diary is Thom Zimny, who has been a longtime collaborator of Springsteen's and has also directed Springsteen on Broadway and Western Stars. As expected, the concert documentary will feature unique, professionally shot footage of Springsteen's current tour with the E Street Band, as well as sitdown interviews and commentary from the band.

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