Play in the snow in St. Petersburg at Snow Blast (VIDEO)

Looking for some fun entertainment during the Christmas holidays? How about a good old fashioned snow ball fight or some snow sledding? Think it can't happen here in the Tampa Bay area? Well think again! Snow has made its way here to Florida. The Tyrone Square Mall has been turned into a winter wonderland. Inside…

NORAD Santa Tracker

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (otherwise known as NORAD) will be tracking Santa Clause during his flight on Christmas Eve. Get the kids in front of a computer and log on to

QUIZ: Holiday Movie Quotes Trivia

One of the best parts about the holiday season is all the great holiday movies.  From the tearjerkers to the ones that make us laugh so hard until we cry, test your knowledge with this holiday movie quotes quiz!

Red Tide Air Forecast

  Have you noticed any trouble breathing since the Red Tide moved into the Tampa Bay area? Are your eyes itchy? Is your throat scratchy? Would you like to know if the conditions will be better tomorrow? Well, now you can find out what the Red Tide Air Forecast is, just by clicking a button.…