Rhino Poachers Killed By Lions

Talk about Karma coming back to get you. Officials at a South African wildlife reserve report that a group of  hunters out to kill protected rhinos were eaten by a pride of lions after the poachers broke into a protected reserve. Apparently protected by the ravenous lions. The Herald reports that Nick Fox, owner of…

Florida: You Never Know What You'll See

We live in a state filled with beautiful natural scenery and wildlife. So it's always a joy to see some of our indigenous creatures going about their day. Here is some video of a young armadillo couple out for an early evening bite to eat together. I took this video last night (7/9) as I…

Twitter Poll: Do You Agree With KISS?

Take this Twitter poll: At a recent concert, KISS stopped the shop to slam those in the NFL who do not stand for the National Anthem. Do YOU stand with KISS on this issue? — Q105 (@MyQ105) July 9, 2018