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Best of the MJ Morning Show: November 24, 2021 Download

02:27:38 Download November 24th

Relive some of the best moments from the MJ Morning Show on Q105!

MJ is amazed at all the things Costco will take as a return. Roxanne says Costco helps with her sanity, and also has a theory about their return policy. A special guest joins MJ and the gang to answer questions in the Truth Booth. Who could it be? MJ says he’s recently experienced “brain thunder claps” when he’s sleeping. Does this happen to anyone else? MJ wants Fester to do the gabagool bit, but how many other things are on his plate?

The lawyer involved with the Pop-Tart lawsuit has a track record for suing a ton of companies. Weight gain during the pandemic is very common, but has it ruined your sex life? MJ talks with listeners about the new study. A man seeking a new partner in California put out flyers for a rebound. According to some listeners, rebound relationships are pretty common, and sometimes successful. Roxanne reveals to the rest of the gang that she isn’t really married, leaving MJ and the crew flabbergasted. MJ tells two stories about how he almost burned his house down when he was younger. Do you smell like pot? Turns out, a lot of listeners light up before work.

Froggy is mortified because he dropped his wallet in the toilet during the show, and Fester helps fish it out. Froggy shows off his nose-whistle talents to the rest of the gang. Women try to help MJ understand what’s so captivating about Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live. Roxanne gives MJ, Froggy, and Fester the longevity test. This will predict how long they will live.

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