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MJ Morning Show: December 8, 2021 Download

02:34:08 Download December 8th, 2021

MJ didn’t notice any more fog problems on his commute to work. But a member of the MJ Morning Show experiences car trouble before the show. Who on Earth could be going through this? An early Morons in the News segment gets interrupted by breaking news. Somebody set the FOX Christmas tree in New York on fire. Today’s Morons in the News features a man who allegedly sold meth while on shift at Waffle House, and a group of burglars who tried to steal a bunch of jewelry, but came up short. Froggy has developed a better way of consuming nuts in the morning, without getting ripped off by the vending machine.

A Sam’s Club employee in Port Charlotte got pepper sprayed by a group of women after they tried to walk out with thousands of dollars worth of alcohol. Could they be making their way up to Tampa Bay? An old boss of Fester’s calls him out on the show after Fester spreads “lies” about his former employment. MJ can’t stand the powerful scents from candles and perfumes, and he isn’t the only one. Froggy’s wife Kim almost got scammed from a TECO employee impersonator. How far did she get before she realized it wasn’t real? Listeners have also had the same issues.

A live “Facts of Life” and “Different Strokes” showing aired on ABC last night. MJ and the gang dissect the cast, and the retro commercials that aired in between. MJ got trolled about his sauce recipe on Instagram. He calls up an Italian chef friend to settle the dispute. Cops were asked to leave a diner in San Francisco, and a woman kicked out a customer in another diner for being creepy. Coop opens his birthday gift from Roxanne.

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