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MJ Morning Show: October 6, 2021 Download

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With all of the road racers on the Howard Frankland in the morning, MJ wonders what would happen if the bridge closed down. How would he do the show? Roxanne got no sleep last night. Apparently, she’s been up since 12:30 am. Is everything okay at home? This might work in the movies, but it doesn’t work in real life. Today’s Morons in the News features a woman who called the police to try to distract them from pulling over her boyfriend.

MJ finds a list of celebrities who won millions of dollars just from lawsuits. Is amazing TRYING to be creepy? Their new product could be the next Alexa, but Bezos may have gone too far. Roxanne reveals to MJ that her fiancé Doug used to be a huge Milton Fludgecow fan. She even mentions that Doug sent a CD to a celebrity friend. Roxanne also admits she lied in yesterday’s Truth Booth. What did she lie about?

Coop instructs MJ and the rest of the gang on how to make prison pizza. What does MJ think about the recipe? The gang tries it out on the air. MJ asks callers if they’ve ever witnessed Karens in action. A pharmacist calls in to give details on several encounters. Two Arkansas newscasters were suspended after they wore afro wigs on the air to celebrate temps in the 70s.

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