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This is possibly the worst candy of all time. I can’t explain how much I despise these yellow marshmallow

The Easter Bunny has been the recognizable symbol of Easter ever since the 1700’s. The infamous rabbit was brought to America by German Immigrants. It is believed that a rabbit was chosen because it was an ancient symbol of new life, a theme that goes perfectly with springtime in cold climate. Other reports say that early Germanic culture believed egg-laying rabbits introduced Spring. The bunny originally brought colorful eggs, but the tradition quickly expanded to include chocolate and other gifts. Originally, children would leave carrots out for the bunny in case he needed a treat. Most years, Easter yields the second most candy gifts given, only behind Halloween. The largest chocolate Easter Egg ever is heavily contested. History.com recognizes an 8,000 pound egg as the largest, while the Guinness Book of World Records marks a 16,000 pound egg!

I remember being a young kid and being so excited to run down the stairs and see what the bunny brought me this year. So many times I got huge baskets of delicious candy and other fun treats. One year the Easter bunny actually brought me a Nintendo game for Easter, Double Dragon. Even though I have many fond memories of Easter as a kid there were some years where the bunny brought me some awful candy. I remember one year I actually got a pack of fruit stripe gum and the flavor lasted 12 seconds. Another year I got a bag of black jelly beans which are the absolute worst candy on earth.

Check out a list of my LEAST favorite candies I ever received for Easter and see if you agree.

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