Back To The ’80s

Part 1 of Froggy's Hess Truck Collection

Froggy’s Hess truck collection is one of his secret passions. Undoubtedly, you’re familiar with Hess branded gas. In 1960, the first Hess branded gas station opened. The company wanted to offer a gift for the holidays that represented the gas stations. So, in 1964 the company introduced the Hess Toy Truck. It’s a holiday season favorite that is fun for the whole family. The toy truck was affordable and was created with incredible craftsmanship and electronic innovation. It’s a battery-operated toy that has stood the test of time.

Froggy and his Dad have at least 3 of every single Hess truck ever developed. It started when his Dad and his Dad’s brother started collecting them when the very first ones were released. Every single year since Froggy was a kid, he remembers his Father being obsessed with getting the brand-new truck of the year. It was fun for Froggy to make guesses as to what the new truck would look like. “Maybe it will be a rocket tied to a monster truck this year?”

Froggy has a lot of trucks but has not let his sons see them yet. He has the idea that they might open them and ruin the value of the trucks, but he is starting to soften on his stance. Maybe if Froggy’s Hess trucks are eventually handed down to his sons, they will appreciate them more for their story and be less inclined to smash them into the wall. Froggy is asked which of his trucks are his favorites, and he usually answers, “Anything with a rocket is a good Hess truck.” And yes, some of them actually come with a rocket on them as part of a particular year’s packaged toy.

Let’s check out some of Froggy’s Hess trucks.