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Froggy has pastimes he enjoys when he’s not busy making us laugh on the MJ Morning Show or running the shelving business. His favorite hobbies are magnet fishing, regular fishing, and metal detecting. So basically, he enjoys anything that has to do with using a rod of some sort to lure or attract things.

We recently chatted with him about his metal detecting scores and what makes it fun. Here’s what he had to say:

My metal detecting obsession began almost 10 years ago when I moved into a new house, and there was a metal detector left in the garage. One day, I decided to try it out. I went around my yard and found all kinds of old coins and cool fishing lures, as well as old bullets.

Since then, I have purchased a better metal detector. Now my sons and I like to find spots where a lot of people congregate. One type of spot we’ve had good luck at is under bleachers at Little League parks. On one occasion, we actually found a ring.