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Ever since I started working with Rich Fields at Q105, I’ve been trying to figure out if he was the announcer on that day I went to a taping of The Price Is Right. In 2004, I was doing a morning show in Northern California. For New Year’s Resolution week, everyone on the show had to do something they’ve always wanted to do but never had. I’d never gone to a game show so we packed up and did the morning show live from Los Angeles. We went through the whole TPIR experience but the announcer never called my name to come up on stage so I always have tried to figure out if it’s partially Rich’s fault. (Obviously I know producers choose the contestants. But I still wanted to blame Rich.)

If you haven’t already, check out my podcast with Rich called “Come On Down with Rich Fields” where I grill Rich on all the behind the scenes stuff that game show nerd me always wanted to know!