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I can’t believe it’s gone. My favorite place for chicken parmesan in Florida is no more. Apparently a few months ago, the doors closed for good at Italia Mia. The little hole in the wall no-frills spot for great Italian food was all dark and locked up when I dropped by for lunch today. It had been several months since my last visit. I remember not being as overwhelmed with goodness as I had in the past that last time I went.

Come to find out, the restaurant had changed ownership and they went out of business months ago. I’m devastated… their lunch specials were insanely cheap. Probably TOO cheap. Their pizza was in my top 10 for the Tampa area… and it wasn’t even my favorite thing on the menu. I will forever miss those amazing chicken parm subs.  One of my friends always ordered the lasagne.  Another would order nothing but the Italian sausages.

UPDATE! Some GOOD news… thanks to my Twitter friend Court who let me know the original owners have a NEW place in St. Pete. It’s called Italian Touch and can be found at 8211 46th Ave N in St. Pete. The menu on their website looks just like Italia Mia’s did. I can’t wait to try it!