Updated June 2024

As you drive over the Howard Frankland Bridge, you see progress, but it’s still pretty tough to imagine what all of this work is going to look like upon completion. Work won’t finish until late 2025 according to the Florida Department of Transportation. The cost is expected to be about $865 million. Not patient enough to wait until 2025 to see what this is all going to look like? Nor am I. Here’s a sneak preview from artist renditions shared by the Florida Department of Transportation.

A new southbound/westbound (from Tampa to St. Pete) bridge is what you see currently being built north of the current southbound/westbound bridge. It’ll have 8 lanes – 4 for general use and 4 express lanes. There’s a bike and pedestrian path in the plan. The bridge we use now to go from Tampa to St. Pete will become the new northbound/eastbound part of 275 once the new bridge is ready. The bridge we use to go from St. Pete to Tampa will be taken down.

Bridge Progress

As of May 2024:
– 100% of pilings have been driven.
– 99% of bridge footings have been completed.
– 98% of bridge columns have been completed.
– 92% of bridge caps have been completed.
– 77% of the bridge superstructure beams have been placed.
– 71% of bridge decks placed.

Not only are they making major progress on the structure of the bridge. But they have also finally repaved the 2 right lanes by the Martin Luther King JR exit. I’d imagine that the nice weather and lack of rain has helped them get some of this progress completed.

Many complain that this won’t help with our traffic flow, especially with the malfunction junction exit going into the Veteran’s/Clearwater. Well, don’t worry. The FDOT is on that too, as apart of the Westshore Interchange reconstruction project.

Here’s what a completed Howard Frankland Bridge will look like plus some updated photos from May 2024

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