There are lots of reasons to love (and hate) Florida. Even though the traffic is crazy, it’s somehow getting more humid, politics has a lot of people in the state divided, we still love calling this place “home”. Now is the time when we gather around and recognize that even though times are tough, at least we’re living in paradise.  Here’s our list of 10 things that Floridians are thankful for.

It’s that time of year when we step back and appreciate all of the wonderful things in our lives. Here in Florida, we have a lot to be thankful for. We have gorgeous beaches, lots to do, and no need to shovel snow every year! There’s also a bunch of things that Floridians couldn’t survive without, like air conditioning, swimming pools, or sunglasses. We know after this summer, we’re especially grateful for our AC unit.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in people moving to Florida. Who could blame them? Once they get a taste of the good life here in the Sunshine State, why would they go back north? If you ask any Floridian “What are you thankful for in Florida?” it’ll be hard to pinpoint a single reason. Here’s our list of 10 things Floridians are thankful for… Did we miss any?

  • Pub Subs

    It’s a Florida delicacy. One of the first things tourist do when they make it to Florida is see what all the hype is about for Pub Subs. Then, they realize this may be the best sub they’ll ever have. We couldn’t imagine living in a state without Publix.

  • Beautiful Beaches & Sunsets

    Floridians have to be thankful to live where others vacay. Sometimes sitting back with your toes in the sand and watch the sky change into a mix of beautiful pinks, purples and orange will make you forget about the awful snowbird driving.

  • Sunscreen

    To piggyback off our last reason to be thankful. Floridians simply could not survive without sunscreen. Without it, we’d look like this guy.

    10 Things Floridians Are Thankful For

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  • Theme Park Capital Of The World

    Floridians are sure thankful for the Florida Resident discount for multiple big theme parks!

  • Amazing Sports Teams

    There’s a reason why they call us Champa Bay. Not only do we have champion-winning teams, but wonderful owners and organizations who constantly give back to the community.

  • No State Income Tax

    While everybody else dreads April 15, Floridians don’t have to worry about state income tax.

  • Sweater Weather

    While other states are bundled up in winter gear, Floridians are thankful for sweater weather all winter long. Any time the thermometer dips below 75 degrees, we use it as an excuse to whip out our cardigans and knee-high boots.

    10 Things

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  • Delicious Food And Restaurants

    Floridians, and especially those in Tampa, should be grateful for all of the food culture in our state. The Cuban sandwich is a Tampa delicacy. We also have some of the most popular restaurants that get recognized nationally.

  • Gorgeous Fresh Water Springs

    If going to the beach surrounded by tourists isn’t your vibe, then you’re in luck! Floridians are thankful for this alternate cool-down activity in the summer time. Fresh water springs like Weeki-Watchi, Rainbow River, and Crystal River (just to name a few) to relax and cool off in the summer time. BONUS! Any spring open in the fall is a great opportunity to get close to our sea cows! I mean, who doesn’t love a manatee sighting!

    5 Springs That Are Worth The Drive From Tampa

  • Florida Man Headlines

    Alright, this is something that I think the whole COUNTRY is thankful for. Who doesn’t love a good Florida Man headline?

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