Vintage items like VHS tapes are becoming a hot commodity these days and they’re selling for a lot of money! You might have already gotten rid of all your VHS tapes but if you saved them you could make serious cash in right now. Most of us were pressured to get rid of our old VHS tapes. If you have them stored in the attic they could be worth thousands of dollars! As a matter of fact, classics like “Back to the Future” and the original “Fast and the Furious” are selling for a ton of money on eBay. It’s important to know that the condition of these tapes is key to their sale price. eBay sells around 250,000 VHS tapes every year and the amount keeps going up.

10 Vintage VHS Tapes Selling For Thousands:

VHS tapes best known as, Video Home System tapes, are iconic relics from the late 20th century. Back then they revolutionized home entertainment and many household would make a collection of their tapes over time. Many would use VHS tapes for watching movies and even use then to record their favorite television shows. Of course that was before the rise of DVDs and digital media. These VHS tapes played a pivotal role in media and left an massive mark on pop culture in general.

There’s a lot of nostalgia that comes a long with VHS tapes. Remember having to always rewind them after watching? And the always satisfying clunk as the tape slid inside as you get ready to watch. Even at Blockbuster they could charge a fee for returning tapes too late. Even if you didn’t rewind it before returning! Although, they’re not used much anymore VHS tapes remain an iconic symbol of a simple time that meant more then just pressing play to watch a movie.

  • #10 Nightmare on Elm Street - $5,000

    A scary movie most people can’t forget! A new VHS copy recently sold on eBay for $5,000!!!

  • #9 The Goonies - $4,050.

    A classic movie that brings back all the nostalgia! The Goonies movie recently went for $4,050 on eBay!

  • #8 Conan the Barbarian - $1,725

    A movie that helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger movie career. This classic VHS recently sold on eBay for $1,725.

  • #7 Dumbo - $1,575.50

    Disney’s classic VHS movie Dumbo limited-edition that was bundled with a Mickey Mouse ornament just sold for $1,575.50!

  • #6 Halloween II - $1,525

    Recently an unopened copy of this VHS tape sequel recently sold for $1,525.

  • #5 First Blood - $1,525

    A copy of this Sylvester Stallone gem just went for $1,525. The original VHS tape still had the $29.95 price tag on the front.

  • #4 Gremlins - $1,250

    Gremlins is such a classic movie and a favorite of many millennials. This VHS just sold on eBay for $1,250.

  • #3 Teen Wolf - $1,190

    This VHS tape with the iconic cover of Michael J. Fox showing off his chest just sold for $1,190 on eBay.

  • #2 Fast and the Furious - $1,000

    This classic 2001 VHS version featuring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel can bank you a cool $1,000.

  • #1 Back to the Future - $1,000

    The ‘Back to the Future’ VHS recently sold for $1,000 on eBay! You should cash in while you can with these tapes.

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