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13 Trader Joe’s holiday items to try this season!

If you haven’t been to Trader Joe’s lately, you need to go, like yesterday. They have so many items that scream “HOLIDAYS.”

Some/most of the Trader Joe’s holiday items are seasonal, so you have a very short window to get them.

In order to navigate Trader Joe’s successfully, you need a strategy. It’s always busy, so make a list and check it twice. Also, stick to the list if you make one. There are always so many tempting items that you want to just add to your cart. Here are some suggestions to help you narrow down what you need to purchase. These 13 items range from spices for your pantry to thoughtful gift ideas!

If you have never been to a Trader Joes there are a couple staple items you must check out. Like the Jicama Wraps – perfect for a low-carb lifestyle. I use mine as taco shells for Taco Tuesday! Cauliflower Gnocchi – I like to take them out of the bag (still frozen) and sauté them in some pesto with lots of pepper! The OG Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Blend – I put this on just about everything, avocado toast, sandwiches, in pasta and I have even tried it on ice cream. I would be remiss if I also didn’t include Unexpected Cheddar – perfect for a charcuterie board or on top of anything really, this cheddar has crunchy bits of parmesan cheese and it’s under $5! This cheese is so popular TJ has even made spin-offs of different items like a shredded version and an Unexpected Cheddar Broccoli Soup!

Scroll down to see our list of 13 Trader Joe’s holiday items you need to try!

  • Eggnog Everything

    Full octane Eggnog, lite Eggnog, Oat Milk Eggnog and even Eggnog yogurt! Basically, if you can “nog it” trader Joe’s did it.

    Eggnog Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Here We Come A‐Wassailing

    You can serve it over ice for the kids or over ice with bourbon or warm it up for a hot treat! 

    Winter Wassail Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

    *Please drink responsibly

  • Bend and Ginger Snap

    It’s not just a regular ginger snap, the cookies have chunks of ginger, too!

    Ginger snaps Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Up Your Drink Game

    These rolled wafer cookies with hazelnut, chocolatey orange, cocoa, and cookies and cream filling make a great drink garnish! They also make a great hostess gift.

    Baton Lovers Quartet Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Move Over Patty

    A must for the holidays and a great neighbor gift!

    Peppermint Joe-Joes Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Beverage

    A great non-alcoholic option for holiday celebrations.

    Sugar Pulm Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Truffles!

    Truffles are delicious anytime of the year. If you don’t want to shell out the money for actual truffles or use truffle salt, this Truffle Powder Seasoning is a great option. It’s a seasonal item so it won’t be around for long. I may have bought two on this trip to make it though the year. I like to add this to the crusts of my homemade pizza.

    Truffle Powder Seasoning Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • No Bake, Just Wrap

    If you are running out of time to bake cookies, pick up a couple boxes of these and repack them in a cookie tin or gift bag!

    Dark Chocolate Stars Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • The Best Part of Waking Up

    Up your coffee game over the holidays with Trader Joe’s Wintery Blend and their Gingerbread Coffee.

    Winter Coffee Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Roasting on an Open Fire

    Nothing says holidays more than chestnuts. I mean they are even mentioned in one of the most famous Christmas songs of all time.

    Chesnuts Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Last Minute Gift Idea

    Who doesn’t love a candle, especially a candle sampling of holiday scents! Plus, you can’t beat the price!

    Candle Tin Trio Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • You Had Me at Glitter

    Add a bit of holiday cheer with this tabletop greenery, sprinkled with silver glitter!

    Glitter Tree Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

  • Mix It Up This Season

    Try this Brewed Ginger Beer in a mocktail mixing it with orange juice for a holiday spin on a mimosa.

    Ginger Beer Trader Joes

    R.Pitts for BBGI

    *Please drink responsibly

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