Skateboard sitting on a tennis court at sunset.

Finding the right skate shop is like finding the right shoe store. It isn’t all about finding the store closest to you. Specific shops carry different gear and whether you’re new to the sport or not, the gear you choose pretty much defines your style and ride type. Sure, you can hit-up Zumiez, but that isn’t really a true skate shop and we want to support local so we’re here to tell you the best skate shops in Tampa Bay. 

Florida is one of the best states for skateboarding in the United States. Naturally, it will have a ton of skate shops. I have been skating since I was 3 years old and have always been pretty particular about the brands I choose to ride because you want your gear to last. There’s more to building the right board than finding a set of wheels and a deck and calling it a day. Finding the right shop that has the hardware (bolts, etc), decks, shoes, wheels, and bearings can make all the difference especially for anyone new to the sport.

With some of the best skateparks in the country within the Tampa area, you’re bound to find something you like to skate. You have your competition style park with the Skatepark of Tampa, the Bro Bowl 2.0 which is a new take on the classic Bro Bowl, and many others. For more information on skateparks in Tampa, click here.

Red Bull recently went on their ‘Drop-In Tour’ this year and had four stops in Florida. They created their own list of the top parks in Florida and touched on how great the skate scene is in Florida. Red Bull even included some of our choices for best skate shops in Tampa, in their list for best skate shops in Florida.

So, let’s get into the 5 best skate shops in Tampa Bay.

  • Westside Skate Shop

    Westside Skate Shop is located off 39332 US HWY 19 N in Tarpon Springs. RIP to the Largo shop that closed down earlier this year, but lucky for us they are open in Tarpon Springs. They have a huge selection of different brands to choose from for clothing, decks, wheels, trucks, you name it. You’ll be sure to find Powell Peralta, Spitfire, Toy Machine, Baker, Nike SB, Axion, Vans, and more. The staff is very knowledgeable and can help you with any questions you may have.


  • Skatepark of Tampa

    The Skate Park of Tampa (SPoT) is located at 4215 E. Columbus Dr. in Tampa. It is both a skatepark and a shop so you can bet any questions you have, can be answered by the staff and local skaters. They carry a variety of different brands and all the gear you need including trucks, wheels, bearings, clothing, decks, footwear, tools and more. They have been open since 1993 and offer lessons as well as host competitions throughout the year. If you’re in Tampa, definitely check this out.


  • Anchor Skate Supply

    Anchor Skate Supply is located in downtown St. Petersburg at 501 16th St S. The staff in Anchor Skate is very knowledgeable on all sorts of gear and there to help you find what’s right for you. They have their own line of clothing as well as many different brands ranging from old school to new school so you can be sure you’ll find the right build. They also offer private lessons, group lessons and skate camps with over 30 years of skating experience. 

  • Compound Board Shop

    Compound Board Shop isn’t technically in the Tampa Bay area, but it is located at 3604 S Osprey Ave in Sarasota. I found Compound when I was living down in Sarasota area and they are a very unique skate shop. They carry not only a ton of sate gear, but also paddle boards, skim boards, fly fishing gear and more. They are a one stop shop for all your board sport needs. They carry Spitfire, Powell Peralta, Baker, Flip, Independent and many others. If you’re in the Siesta Key/ Sarasota area and need a skate shop, hit up Compound.


  • CaliFlorida Surf and Skate Shop

    CaliFlorida Surf and Skate Shop is another shop located just a bit south of Tampa Bay at 5221 OCEAN BLVD. UNIT 4 in Siesta Key. CaliFlorida is also a multi-stop shop with a great selection of skate brands from like the classic Powell Peralta and other surf brands.

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