This time of year is a great time to travel if you’re a bargain hunter. Flights are super cheap because kids are back in school. If you can break away for a few days, here are 5 great spots to visit and the flight roundtrip will cost you less than $150 from Tampa International Airport.

Do keep in mind one thing though. Airlines often drop prices to this level hoping you don’t notice the downsides that come a long with a ticket that his a super low price like this. With these kinds of fares, expect no perks like early boarding or the ability to bring much luggage. All that stuff is how they make their money back that they’re losing by selling you the ticket so cheap. Also discount airlines tend not to have the amenities like free WiFi or entertainment on board.

That said, if you have some vacation days and a flexible schedule, these 5 flights are a steal. One is an international flight to one of my favorite cities. And the last one is actually TWO trips in one… still under $150!

  • Las Vegas for $138

    Leave Tampa Saturday, February 24 and return Saturday, March 2 on Spirit Airlines.

    You have 2 flight options for the departure. The cheaper of the 2 flights leaves Saturday night at 7:47pm. You connect in Houston and arrive in Vegas just before midnight. You’re going to be pretty beat if you go that route… midnight to Las Vegas will feel like 3AM for your east coast brain. So if you’re more of an early bird, take the 6:05AM flight instead. It will cost an extra $19, but $157 roundtrip to Vegas is a pretty sweet price.

    There are 2 return flights to choose from on your way back. One leaves at 5:20AM and gets back to Tampa at 2:19pm. The other one leaves at 5:43PM, giving you another full day in Vegas. But there’s a big catch to this one… you have a 7 hour layover in Houston, meaning you don’t get back to Tampa until 9:30am the next morning.

    Las Vegas sells itself. I don’t have to tell you why you should go. When you land try to get a seat near the window so you can see that new Sphere. It’s incredible from the air!

    Sphere Lights Up Las Vegas Skyline For The First Time In Celebration Of Independence Day

    Sphere lights up for the first time in celebration of Independence Day on July 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 366-foot-tall, 516-foot-wide venue, the largest spherical structure on Earth, features an Exosphere with a 580,000-square-foot display, the largest LED screen in the world, and is expected to open later in 2023. on July 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Boston for $87

    Leave Tampa Thursday, February 1 and return Wednesday, February 7.

    This is another one from Spirit so if you’re not a fan, I get it… but do realize this is non stop.  And for crying out loud it’s under $100! That’s crazy low but they probably realize not many want to fly to Boston in February. And again, if you don’t like Spirit, just remember you’ll be off the plane in 3 hours.  Take the 6PM flight out of Tampa.  You’ll be in Boston by 9.  For the flight back, grab the 2pm nonstop that arrives in Tampa at 5:31pm.

    If you’re the type of Floridian who would love to see snow, here’s your chance.  You’ll likely see at least a little of the white stuff if you visit in February.  But bundle up.  New England winters are no joke.  You should also be prepared for the possibility of a flight delay when you factor in the weather.   If you want to travel a week later, you’ll be able to see the Boston Bruins play the Tampa Bay Lightning at TD Garden in Boston.

    Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins

    Steven Stamkos #91 of the Tampa Bay Lightning scores the game winning goal against Tuukka Rask #40 of the Boston Bruins during a shootout at TD Garden on October 17, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Lightning defeat the Bruins 4-3.

  • Chicago for $98

    Leave Tampa Saturday, February 17 and return Sunday, February 25.

    Frontier is offering this fare leaving at 3:03pm.  It’s a nonstop so you’ll be in Chicago by 5pm with plenty enough time to find the nearest Lou Malnati’s restaurant to get some incredible deep dish pizza.  Your flight back is also a quick convenient one leaving at 5:46pm from Midway and arriving back in Tampa at 9:34pm.  I like this flight pattern as you won’t have to get up super early on either flight, which is common with low airfare deals.

    This is another city I would question your sanity for visiting in the middle of winter.  But I do love Chicago.  So much great food and you should definitely check out the free zoo at Lincoln Park.  It’s enormous!

    Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo Host Preview Of Baby Rhinoceros

    King, an Eastern black rhinoceros born August 26, makes his public debut at the Lincoln Park Zoo with his mother Kapuki on September 17, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. King’s father Maku, 27, is on breeding loan from Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas and his mother, 8, is on loan from Brookfield Zoo in suburban Chicago. Eastern black rhinos are critically endangered in their native Africa due largely to poaching.


  • Montreal for $104

    Leave Tampa Thursday, February 1 and return Thursday, February 8.

    Yes, an INTERNATIONAL flight for under $150! This price blows me away.  I’ve never seen airfares to Montreal under $200 and you usually have to connect along the way.  This is a NONSTOP service both ways from Lynx Air, which is new to the Tampa area.  Your flight to Canada leaves at 11:55AM. You’ll be in Montreal by 3.  On the way back, you’ll leave Montreal at 3:30PM and be back in Tampa by 7PM.

    I’ve never flown this airline so I can’t vouch for them, but this price is unreal to me.  Keep in mind you’ll need to make sure your passport is valid for this one.  You used to be able to fly to Canada with just a driver’s license.  Not anymore.  Try some authentic poutine… the ultimate Canadian comfort food.  It’s not my thing though… I don’t like gravy.  My first thing I look for when I get to Montreal is squeaky cheese and Old Dutch ketchup potato chips.  It’s called squeaky cheese because it actually squeaks when you bite into it.  The first time I saw squeaky cheese was at a convenience store.  I saw a basket of cheese sitting out near the cash register.  I figured some dummy forgot to refrigerate it.  It’s not refrigerated… it’s so fresh, you eat it at room temperature.  It’s SO good.

    For breakfast, seek out Le Passé Composé. Yes, there will be a line. No they don’t take reservations. You’ll have to stand out in the cold but it’s well worth it. The French Toast is out of this world good.

    French Toast

    French Toast at Le Passé Composé in Montreal.

  • Austin AND Denver for $108

    You’ll leave Tampa on Monday, February 12 and return Sunday, February 18.

    OK this is a wacky flight pattern.  Stay with me. 

    Why the 2 cities?  You have to do an insanely long layover with this flight offer from Frontier.  But I see it this way – you get 2 trips for under $150!  Your flight from Tampa on February 12 leaves at 9:40pm.  You’ll arrive and spend the night in Denver and fly out the rest of the way to Austin, Texas the next morning at 10AM.  Now that doesn’t leave you much time to explore Denver obviously.  On the way back to Tampa though, the layover is 23 HOURS!  You leave Austin just before midnight and get in to Denver late.  Get some sleep at an airport hotel and then spend the whole day exploring Denver because the flight to Tampa doesn’t leave until midnight.

    If you’re the type who can sleep on a plane, this is a deal.  I’m not.  I can never sleep on planes no matter how tired I am.  But I’ve never been to Austin, Texas.  It’s definitely on my bucket list.  The music scene there is said to be awesome.  Lots of great food and culture all over the city.

    Union Pacific Railroad Post Flat Quarterly Earnings, Signaling Slowness And Inflationary Impacts On Economy

    An aerial view of a Union Pacific train entering downtown on April 21, 2023 in Austin, Texas.

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