Ever been kicked out of a restaurant? It could be because you got a little too drunk or a fight broke out. Most people would be shocked that they were told to leave because you brought in your child. In theory, it doesn’t really make sense because you’re trying to spend money at the establishment. But some restaurant owners feel having small children in their place bring down the quality and can be distracted. We compiled a list of restaurants in Tampa where you’ll be told to leave if you bring your kids inside.

Which Tampa Restaurants Don’t Allow Kids:

One of these situations actually happened to us personally. I had just given birth and was craving one of my favorite dishes at a well known Italian restaurant in town. I remember planning the entire evening out perfectly so the baby would sleep during dinner. We arrived at Osteria Natalia and we were turned away after stepping inside. I was a little sad that we couldn’t come inside and eat. But at the same time I completely understand. That’s their right as an intimate restaurant and if a child was crying inside everyone would most likely be annoyed.

Although, I was hurt at the time, being a new mom who was desperate to have a date night, I was also understanding. We ate at an establishment next door instead and tried to come back a different night when we had a sitter. Basically, we’re trying to help you by writing this list so you don’t have go through this situation. Check out this list below to see if you need to book a sitter for the evening before heading out to dinner. We don’t want this embarrassing moment to happen to you so we’ve listed several below so that doesn’t happen.

  • Osteria Natalina - South Tampa

    Osteria Natalina small restaurant has the most delicious Italian food and it’s very well known. One of our favorite dishes is their Sacchettini Du Pere which are pasta purses filled with pear & cheese then drowned in yummy gorgonzola sauce. Even though their food is fabulous, Osteria only allows kids 9 and up! Many people have been turned away with newborns, toddlers and other ages. It’s a small space and they want to keep the restaurant intimate.

    Chicken alfredo with fettuccini pasta

  • Hampton Station - Seminole Heights

    Hampton Station has some delicious pizza! Although, children are allowed and many of the servers are super sweet especially when dealing with them. However, there’s been multiple reports of the manager/owner getting annoyed with children in the restaurant.

    	Slice of pizza with pepperoni, olives and green peppers on a serving utensil. Closeup of a cheese pull

  • Dio Modern Mediterranean - Downtown Tampa

    Dio Modern Mediterranean is located downtown this Mediterranean restaurant will not allow children after a certain time. It’s mainly because of entertainment purposes plus they have hookah with smoke blowing.

    Gryo in pita wrap

  • Beccofino - South Tampa (South of Gandy)

    Beccofino is a yummy Italian restaurant located in South Tampa but we’ve heard they do not allow children, which could make it the perfect date night spot. However, they do offer delicious charcuterie boards and delicious authentic Italian food.

  • Cake Drip - Hyde Park

    We absolutely love Cake Drip! They have the most delicious chocolate goodies and you can make your own chocolate bar. But this is a drinking establishment so you must be 21 and up to enjoy. But it’s a very fun place and perfect for a fun night out with all your friends or a date night.

    Assorted chocolate bar and chunks, background. Flat lay with a multitude of chocolate kinds. Delicious cocoa dessert. Baking chocolate collection.

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