Florida has been known to always have it’s own culture, and that includes language. It’s not quite like other southern states where they use quirky southern phrases, but completely made up slang words that only make sense in the Sunshine State. Lets take a look at some of our favorite Florida slang words.

Like we said, Florida is like it’s own world. Meaning we operate differently than folks in other states. Thunderstorms and hurricanes don’t scare us, but a broken AC unit is our worst nightmare. We found a great website that dives deeper in slang terms by region. Letslearnslang.com has a list of 35 slang words and phrases that are specifically unique to Florida. Check out their full list here.

One thing to understand about the Florida language is simply how we say “yes” and “no”. When Floridians say “yeah, no” that means no. And when we say “no, yeah” that actually means yes. If you ever hear “yeah no, for sure” that means definitely. We’ll admit, there were some words and phrases on the list that we’ve never heard before. For example “wicked up” is a phrase used for when someone gets too intoxicated. But we’ve never heard anyone in Florida say that before. It could be a regional thing, since the state is so massive. Any missing words or phrases that you think we should include? Let us know on social media!

Here are 7 Florida slang words and phrases you probably use every day:

  • Bussin'

    Meaning: An adjective to describe something that’s really good

    “This Chick-fil-A is bussin'”

    man eating pizza

  • Skeeter

    This is probably more of a southern’ term than mainly Florida, but it is used a lot here. Skeeter = mosquito. Plus, if you type “skeeter” on your iPhone, the emoji will pop up!

    Aedes aegypti Mosquito. Close up a Mosquito sucking human blood.Aedes aegypti Mosquito. Close up a Mosquito sucking human blood,Mosquito Vector-borne diseases,Chikungunya.Dengue fever.Rift Valley fever.Yellow fever.Zika.Mosquito on skin


  • Jit

    This word is normally used to describe a young person (and normally said by a young person). It could also mean “Juvenile In Training”.

    “No one likes to hang out with that jit.”

    Teen man in casual green shirt showing victory sign, hoping for success and win, doing peace gesture, smiling with kind optimistic expression. Young adult guy boy isolated on yellow studio background

    Getty Royalty Free

  • No See 'Ums

    This must be one of those southern phrases we’ve never heard! But apparently it applies to small insects that you can’t really see that bite you, they’re technically known as Ceratopogonidae. You know, they’re all over the swamplands of Florida.

    “Those no see ‘ums are eating me up tonight”

    bug bite

  • Sun Shower

    Every Floridian is familiar with sun showers, especially during the summer time. Another Florida/southern saying to describe sun showers was “the devil is beating his wife”

    sun shower_

  • Pub Sub

    Alright, this is one EVERY Floridian should know! We all have our favorite Pub Sub order and are always on the lookout for the chicken tender subs to go on sale at Publix.

    Pub Sub


  • Snowbirds/Raisins

    Probably the most common Florida slang, next to Pub Sub. We all know snowbirds are the northern folk who flock down here during winter.

    Raisins are what Floridians call snowbirds who have been in the sun too long.


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