A driver talks on the phone while sitting in their stalled car on a flooded street.

While it’s nice that as a resident of Florida, we get to skip paying a state income tax, we see lots of other expenses that offset that.

It’s in the news constantly lately that home owners insurance companies are leaving the state. Those that continue to insure Florida homes are doubling, tripling and sometimes quadrupling their rates. The cost of homeowners insurance is getting so out of control that many just roll the dice and go without.

But that’s not the only thing we pay more for in Florida than the rest of the United States.

  • Car Insurance

    This is the obvious one. Florida drivers aren’t necessarily known for their courtesy or utilization of a blinker when making a turn. Add to that a fast growing population on already crowded roads. Then factor in the lack of a convenient public transportation system. It’s a recipe for accidents and we see plenty. ABC Action News says we are paying DOUBLE.

  • Homeowners Insurance

    While auto insurance is expensive, at least we can get it!  Florida is losing home insurers fast, thanks to our hurricanes and scammers.

  • Medicare

    The Orlando Sentinel reports Florida residents on Medicare pay way more than the rest of the country for supplemental Medicare plans.

  • Milk

    The Tampa Bay Times reports that even the cost of simple gallon of milk costs more than most other states.

  • Electricity

    CBS Miami says the high cost of natural gas is to blame. While Floridians save money in the winter since we rarely turn on the heat, our air conditioners are running 24/7 for months during long Florida summers.

  • Title Insurance

    On average, Floridians pay $1,000 on average for title insurance, according to Make Florida Your Home. The price is set by the state.

  • Gas

    We don’t have any oil refineries in the state so that doesn’t help.  So we have to import fuel from other states.

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