Sick of picking up your phone only to discover it’s another scam call? Then blocking these 9 scam numbers can help immediately and bring you a sense of relief. A company called BeenVerified has report that over 150,000 suspicious phone numbers in the past two years and they’ve narrowed it down to these nine spam and scam numbers. These numbers also lead to hundreds of complaints or more. Most of the scam numbers also fire off scam text messages to trick unsuspecting victims into clicking links.

Scams going around Florida:

Another scam that’s going around right now is having a police officer offer call you claiming you missed federal jury duty. Good thing about this scam is you can easily Google the number to check your juror duty status. Make sure you ask several questions if someone is calling you saying this information. They might come off as knowledgeable, but you can trip them up if you know what you’re talking about.

Scams in Tampa, come in various forms and target many different individuals. It is important for you to be aware and protect yourself from thieves and finances. There’s been multiple scams reported in Florida recently including email scams, phone, home improvement, fake charity and even rental scams. The home improvement scams will be someone offering services to fix your roof, driveway, or landscaping at incredibly low prices. Usually, they want payment first and then either perform subpar work or completely disappear.

Make sure you protect yourself by being cautious. Don’t be so quick to share personal information, and always research before handing over your information. Make sure it’s a legit business and charity using reputable platforms for financial transactions. Additionally, if there is any suspicious activities, call your local law enforcement to notify them of new scams in Tampa.


  • #1 - (865) 630-4266 — WellsFargo Account Notice

    This is the top scam that’s an automated text message warning victims that their Wells Fargo bank account had been temporarily locked. The scammers want you to call their fake number to give up their personal account information.

    SAN FRANCISCO - APRIL 16:  A sign is displayed outside of a Wells Fargo bank April 16, 2008 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco-based Wells Fargo and Company, the fifth largest bank in the U.S., reported an eleven percent drop in first quarter earnings as they continue to struggle with loan losses as the housing market slumps. The company reported earnings of $2 billion, or 60 cents per share, down from $2.24 billion, or 66 cents per share one year ago.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

  • #2 - (858) 605-9622 — [Bank Account Number] 'Temporarily ON HOLD!'

    This is very similar to the previous one where they will spam out a text message: ‘[Bank name]: ACCNT #5674 temporarily ON HOLD! Your security is our priority. Call now: (858) 605-9622 (Do Not Disregard!)’ They’re trying to scare you in order to see get personal information.

    Closeup of male hand holding modern mobile phone with red screen and warning icon with the text SCAM ALERT This site has been reported as fraudulent.

  • #3 - (904) 495-2559 — 'AT&T Free Msg: Congrats to [number]!'

    Look out for this text message ‘ATT Free Msg: Congrats to 2 lucky users! Today’s winners of our raffle are: Tim N***** and you, (Name)!’ These give false promises that you’ll get lottery cash and prizes.

    Text message SMS scam or phishing concept

  • #4 - (805) 637-7243 — Congrats! Won Publisher's Clearing House!

    These scammers claim to be from Publisher’s Clearing House. They claim that an unpaid bill may result in freezing of their assets.

    	Phone call from unknown number late at night. Scam, fraud or phishing with smartphone concept. Prank caller, scammer or stranger.

  • #5 - (469) 709-7630 — 'Failed delivery attempt for [tracking number].'

    This scam will make you feel like something had genuinely gone wrong with a real shipment. They will you for the last two digits of your SSN for verification. Just get off the phone because it’s a scam.

    Unknown caller show on mobile phone screen.

  • # 6 - (863) 532-7969 — 'Debit Card Frozen! Call!'

    This one is betting on that fact that you have a debit card. They’ll say everything is frozen and need your information to correct it.

    Safe online payment and electronic money transfer security. Pay with digital technology. Man using credit card and laptop to login to internet bank. Financial safety to prevent scam, threat and fraud.

  • #7 - (917) 540-7996 — 'Do you like scary movies?' marketing for 'Scream VI'

    These complaints were filed from March 2023 in a scary voice message from the Scream movies from an unknown number. In the message it begins, ‘Is this [user’s name]? Oh good! It’s funny how you can see someone’s true character when they are alone. Or at least when they think they’re alone. I have one question for you, [user’s name]. Guess where I’m hiding?’

    Beautiful Asian woman with smiley face holding and using the smart phone in modern cafe

  • # 8 - (312) 339-1227 — 'Lose weight!' or 'Track your package'

    These scams are using weight-loss products for a delivery scam. Again, these scams are looking for and need your information.

    Bad News. Young woman checking the messages and post on her mobile phone. Shocked by reading the bad news on her smart phone. Urban Young Generation Social Media Lifestyle Portrait.

  • # 9 - (202) 221-7923 — 'Student loan forgiveness. Call Kelsey'

    This phone messages will allegedly be from a ‘Kelsey Adams’ about a deadline for student-loan forgiveness. They need you to act or your deadline will be missed.

    Girl wearing eyeglasses with eyesight problems trying to read phone text at home

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