There’s been new bar renovations inside of Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa!  The way the bar was redesigned leaves slightly less room, which could make the wait time even longer. The biggest change for Bern’s Steakhouse is that you can no longer walk into the bar area and take a seat. You must now ask the bartender to put your name on a waitlist for an open spot at the bar. Even if there’s an empty seat you must ask to be put on the list in order to grab a seat at the bar.

New Rules At Bern’s Steakhouse:

The new modern bar design looks very sleek but its much tighter than it was before. They did this so they could fit more people at the bar but by doing that they made it tighter. Making it more difficult for servers and workers to walk by in that area. Besides the bar changes there’s several things that haven’t changed including the plastic wrap on the toilet seats. If you’ve gone to Bern’s before one fabulous thing you’ve noticed is when you go to the bathroom there’s plastic wrap around the toilet seat.

There’s a few things that went away that are now back which is making everyone happy! The wine tour at Bern’s has officially returned making patrons very excited. Bern’s Steakhouse has one of the largest collections of wine in the entire country. If you go to dinner on a date night or with friends it’s one of the things you’ve got to request. There’s been many other changes made at this famous restaurant. Scroll down to read all about the newest rules…

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