Everybody’s new drink craze is the espresso martini. It’s a classic drink that’s been around since the 80’s but its surge in popularity has grown within the last few years. Who has the best espresso martini in Tampa? Yelp has a great list, but we’ve gathered a list of places that take the drink above and beyond its usual flavors.

This tasty cocktail is usually ordered as a liquid dessert or as a nightcap. Its ingredients are typically made of Vodka, Espresso, and Coffee Liqueur. Plenty of places in the Tampa area offer this savory beverage but we narrowed down the list to only include bars and restaurants where this signature cocktail is remastered with bolder flavors. One thing they may all have in common is the 3 coffee bean garnish for that aesthetic flair. One for wealth, health, and happiness.

One thing I think is super important in an espresso martini is actually using fresh espresso shots. That is the best way to get that coffee foam at the top of the drink. Skipping the espresso and using a coffee liqueur instead doesn’t give you the same result.

Honorary mentions

There were so many places we wanted to include in our list but their espresso martini didn’t quite live up to our standards. We enjoyed Timpano’s espresso martini and they even won Tampa Magazine’s Best of South Tampa’s Espresso Martini. We left it off our list since it’s very similar to a classic martini. They make theirs with Stoli vanilla vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys, and Espresso. One place we’ll warn you to stay away from for espresso martinis is the Edition lobby bar. It wasn’t a bad experience or a terrible martini. It just tasted a little too average to cost $26.

Is there a spot you think we should add to our list? Let us know on social media!

Here are the best 11 espresso martinis in Tampa Bay

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