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Romantic loving couple at the cinema, Portrait of young couple kissing and enjoying the movie during a date at the cinema theater.

We are on the heels of International Kissing Day. But any day is a good day for romance around Tampa.

If you want to make the most of hot summer nights, check out one of these happening spots or activities.

  • 1. Tampa Theatre

    A movie night is always fun for couples. Sit close to your love in a dark theater and enjoy some good storytelling, be it drama or horror or romance. But the Tampa Theatre is extra special because of the cool atmosphere. The lighting kind of reminds me of Mexico at Epcot (which I also find to be romantic). Visit online here to find out what is playing.

    Tampa Theatre

  • 2. Edge Rooftop Bar At Epicurean Hotel

    Want to enjoy Tampa’s beautiful skyline and incredible craft cocktails to get you in a sexy mood? You’ll find both at Edge Rooftop Bar, which is on top of the Epicurean Hotel. Even in the middle of July, late nights outside at the bar are enjoyable. Find out more here.

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  • 3. Cruise Around Tampa Bay

    There are quite a few Tampa Cruise companies to choose from, but I’ve enjoyed a boat ride on the Yacht Starship Cruises. It’s one of those activities that you ask your honey, “why don’t we do this more often” after your fun night out.


    2 dolphins leaping at sunset near Sanibel Island Florida

  • 4. Bayshore Boulevard

    Take an early morning stroll as the sun rises on beautiful Bayshore Boulevard. Or better yet, stroll the scenic sidewalk at night and view the beautiful lights from downtown and listen to the water. You don’t have to walk the whole time. Stop at one of the many benches to sit and cuddle.

  • 5. Spa Jardin

    What could be more romantic than treating yourself and your love to pampering and spa treatments? You’ll find the very best at Spa Jardin.


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