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Barbecue of grilled ancho steak accompanied by Tuscan sausage, garlic bread. Made in the Parrilla barbecue very used in Argentina.

Do you love to chomp your canine teeth into a juicy burger or filet? Of all the cities in the United States, the top place for meat eaters is right here in Florida!

Where are the “meat meccas” of America? I think you could make an argument for Tampa to earn a spot on the top 10, but the highest honors go to South Florida’s biggest metropolis, Miami.

As the premier independent meat purveyor, we know a thing or two about what meat lovers crave, so we analyzed cities from coast to coast to create our ultimate ranking of the best cities for meat lovers in America.


Linzheritageangus.com (try to pronounce that) put out their list of top carnivore destinations, and they came up with the rankings by looking at some important factors for meat lovers. They analyzed steakhouses, BBQ restaurants, burger spots and butchers in each city. They also analyzed meat demand.


What makes Miami such a great spot for meat eaters? The city boasts the largest number of meat eateries per 100,000 residents. And the Yelp ratings at various steakhouses received a 4.04 stars out of 5. That’s as good as it gets when compared with other cities.

As I mentioned, I’m very surprised Tampa didn’t crack the top 10. With steakhouses like Bern’s and Council Oak, how does that not happen? And we’ve got plenty of great burger spots. Over the years, I’ve judged best burgers in the bay contests, and I’ve been in awe of the number of delicious burgers there are to choose from.

Not surprising that Las Vegas made the list. Plenty of high-roller spots to find a New York strip on the strip. And speaking of New York City, how come the Big Apple didn’t make this list?

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Check out the list of the top ten cities in America for meat eaters and some of the amazing steakhouses in these cities.

  • 1. Miami

  • 2. Las Vegas

  • 3. Atlanta

  • 4. Minneapolis

  • 5. San Francisco

  • 6. Oakland

  • 7. Portland

  • 8. Boston

  • 9. Denver

  • 10. Kansas City

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