Mick Jones (L) and Singer Kelly Hansen of Foreigner.

Foreigner will play two area shows over the next few months. One at the Florida Strawberry Festival and the other with Styx at the Amphitheatre. That signature Foreigner sound has endured even with all the band member changes over the years. Kelly Hansen has been singing lead for almost two decades. While no one can replace Lou Gramm, Hansen’s energy keeps the party going.

Mick Jones said, “We will be presenting a show that I know will have the same enthusiasm as our very first appearances. While I’m sure our fans will have mixed feelings about the end of the road for the band, I know our shows are going to delight audiences everywhere.”

If you’re curious about which Foreigner hits they do on this tour, here’s a rundown. Of course things could change a bit, but they’ve stuck pretty much to these core classics.

  • Double Vision

    This one has been on Foreigner’s setlist since it came out back in the late 70s. Gramm says the title is NOT from the album name. Instead it was from a hockey player who had been knocked senseless and said he had “double vision.”

  • Head Games

    The title track from Foreigner’s 1979 album about the “anguish and disappointment” over a failed love affair.

  • Cold As Ice

    The iconic hit will get the crowd going from those first few piano notes. Crazy thing about this song? It was originally a B side!  It appears on some 45’s on the other side of “Feels Like the First Time.”

  • Waiting For A Girl Like You

    One of the band’s first big ballads, this one set a unique record for spending 10 weeks at #2 but never getting to #1.  Who held them out of the top spot?  Olivia Newton-John!  “Physical” held the #1 spot for 9 of the 10 weeks.  Hall & Oates had the #1 for one of those 10 weeks with “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).”

  • Dirty White Boy

    The first single from Head Games, this one was said to be about Elvis Presley, “that dirty white boy who changed the shape of music completely.”

  • When It Comes to Love

    If this one doesn’t ring a bell, it might be because it’s not one of the band’s 70s or 80s classics.  It’s from the 2009 album “Can’t Slow Down.”

  • Girl on the Moon

    A song from 1981 about a girl in your dreams. She felt so close but disappeared like sand.

  • Say You Will

    One of those forgotten 80s hits that you don’t hear much these days.  It’s a little cheesy but I loved it as a kid. It reached the #1 spot on MTV in 1988.

  • Feels Like The First Time

    The air guitars will be out once they hit the first few notes on this classic.  This is one of the songs that Lou Gramm sang when he was auditioning to be in the group.

  • Urgent

    A song produced by Mutt Lange, who was best known for working with AC/DC back at the time.  This one will be followed by a keyboard solo and then a drum solo.

  • Juke Box Hero

    The song is said to have been inspired by a fan who stood outside in the rain for five hours to meet the band.  Don’t head for the exits after this one.  There’s an encore to come.

  • I Want To Know What Love Is

    Foreigner over the past few years has done something pretty brilliant with this song.  They enlist the help of a local school choir to sign backup vocals on this song.  It gets a lot of local press to promote the show.  Parents and family members buy a bunch of tickets. And it saves ’em a few bucks since they don’t have to have a choir tour with them!

  • Hot Blooded

    A critic once described this anthem as having the “snarl of Bad Company, wryness of Rod Stewart and sensualness of the Rolling Stones.” Positive right? Not so much. He went on to say the song lacked authenticity. I doubt the band minds.  It’s probably bought them a house or two.

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