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We’re used to seeing wind damage when storms sweep through Florida. This time, however, it was hail.

In Highlands County, particularly around Sebring and Lake Placid, lots of hail crashed down on houses and cars. Hail was seen larger than golf balls.

When these balls of ice come crashing down, they can do significant damage, especially to car windows.

  • Clearly, not a lot of cars are able to withstand this sort of precipitation.

  • This video shows just how much was falling.

  • It's also a good idea to stay under cover, since nobody likes getting hit by rocks!

  • Another car whose owner will be calling their local window repair company.

  • A compilation clip from Fox 13 shows how it looked during the storm.

  • This must be what it looks like on a rainy day at Top Golf.

  • Look at how big that hail was!