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Welcome sign entering the state of Florida southbound from Georgia along Interstate 95.

What have been your experiences on the roads around our state? Do you find drivers to be confrontational?

I’ve certainly seen it. You might be surprised to see that Florida did NOT crack the top ten list of states with confrontational drivers.

Forbes did a survey about road rage. They took into account things including honking, yelling, mean hand gestures and road rage related shootings.

The most road rage-y states is Utah. The number two spot went to Missouri and Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, Maryland, Indiana, Washington, and Delaware rounded out the top ten list.

Here are the states with the least confrontational drivers:

  • 1. North Dakota

  • 2. Pennsylvania

  • 3. Michigan

  • 4. Florida

  • 5. New York

  • 6. Texas

  • 7. Virginia

  • 8. Georgia