Looking to move out of Florida? If the answer is yes, some states will pay you to move there. I love it here in St. Petersburg, so I will not be moving anytime soon. I often hear people complaining about the cost of living and saying that Florida has become overcrowded. If you are one of those people and want to get paid to move, you have come to the right article.

Cost Of Living In Florida

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the average cost of living per year in the Sunshine State is $50, 689 per person. That comes out to about $4,224 per person each year. Do you agree with this assessment? Is it more or less for you each month/year? Feel free to email me [email protected].

I’m a single woman with no kids, but my rent has increased. My car is paid off and I really need a new one, but have you seen the price of cars lately? People are paying anywhere from $600 a month for car notes for cars that are not even luxury. I think I will hold off until the prices go down. Everything around us has seemed to go up except our paychecks right? lol

These States Will Pay You To Move There

If you were to move out of Florida, what state would you move to? I always said I would either move back to Michigan or move to Georgia with my mom. I have no intention of doing so, but If it came down to it those are the states I would move to. Sadly, those are not the states that will pay you to come there.

There Are however 6 states that will pay you to move there. If money is a motive for you, check out the list below. Will be sad to see you leave Florida, but hey, you have to do what you have to do.

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  • Kansas

    If you move to Topeka Kansas, you receive $15k! If you move there this fund can work for both remote and on-site jobs in Shawnee County.

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  • West Virginia

    West Virginia has a program called Ascend West Virginia, and they will provide you with $12K in payments, access to free outdoor recreation and free coworking space.

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  • Alaska

    Alaska has a incentive program called Permanent Fund Dividend. Citizens can qualify for up to $16K for just living in the state. To receive the grant you just have to remain in the state for an entire calendar year! 

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  • Alabama

    You can receive up to $10K if you move to Alabama and work from the Shoals. This is called the remote shoals program and you reap the benefits in Northwest Alabama.

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  • Oklahoma

    If you move to Tulsa, Oklahoma you are eligible for $10K in grants. This is offered to remote workers or entrepreneurs. The program is called the Tulsa Remote Plan. 

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  • New York

    If you move to the Rochester region, you could receive up to $19k in grants if you are a remote worker. They also have homebuyers incentives and more. The program is called Greater Roc Remote.

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