Madonna performs in concert in Melbourne, Australia.

Madonna plays Tampa’s Amalie Arena Thursday, April 4, 2024. This will be Madonna’s first Tampa concert since 1985. Were you at the USF Sun Dome that year on May 9? A sold out crowd of 8,000 sang along with “Lucky Star,” “Like a Virgin,” and Madonna threw fake money into the crowd as she performed “Material Girl,” according to the Tampa Bay Times.

So what songs will she perform on this tour? Warning! Spoilers are ahead.

The Tampa show was originally scheduled for September 7, 2023. However, Madonna had a big health scare and needed to take time off. Your tickets to her original show, if you had them, have been updated digitally. You don’t need to do anything. The concert is scheduled to start at 8:30PM.

The tour opened its 2024 run of dates in Boston this week and we have the setlist. While she might make changes, most concert tours these days stick to the same songs and same order from night to night. It helps keep the show on time and lets lighting and special effects crews do their magic efficiently.

Officially the show has sold out but there are plenty of “Verified Resale Tickets” left on the Ticketmaster website. Prices start at about $160 for upper level 300 seats at Amalie Arena. But if you wanna go all out, there are seats near the stage going for over a whopping $5,000 per ticket!

Here are the songs you’re likely to hear if you’re going.

  • Nothing Really Matters

    Don’t worry… Madonna’s big 80s hits are spread throughout the show. But Madonna kicked her Boston set off with this 1999 song from “Ray Of Light” about her daughter Lourdes Leon. It wasn’t a big chart-topper for her as it debuted at #93, the lowest ever entry for her on the Billboard Hot 100. But it’s an uptempo jam that got the crowd on their feet… after waiting much longer than anticipated. Yes, Madonna is known for taking her time getting on stage. The arena hosting the show apologized, saying there were “intricacies” that caused the show’s delay. Let’s hope they work those intricacies out before she gets to Florida.

  • Everybody

    Madonna goes way back for her second song of the night.  “Everybody” was a demo Madonna created back in 1982 long before she became a household name.  It’s said that this one was a big hit in the New York City clubs and helped Madonna get her record deal.


  • Into The Groove

    If those first 2 songs don’t ring a bell, the third one will.  This one was featured in 1985’s “Desperately Seeking Susan.”   The interesting thing about this song… even though it remains one of Madonna’s signature hits, it never had a music video.  So they just threw together scenes from the movie so MTV could put it on the air.

  • Causing A Commotion

    One of Madonna’s most underrated hits. You don’t hear it on the radio often anymore, but this one is a favorite on the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party.  This one’s also a soundtrack song.  It was the second hit from “Who’s That Girl” in 1987.  This one’s about her relationship with her husband at the time Sean Penn.

  • Burning Up

    This one’s from Madonna’s first album in 1983. It was another one of those jams that caught fire in the dance clubs that helped Madonna break through to mainstream pop success, even though it wasn’t a big radio hit. Madonna was key in getting the music video to get directed by Steve Barron because she liked his work on Michael Jackson’s video for “Billie Jean.”

  • Open Your Heart

    Originally this one was called “Follow Your Heart.”  It was intended to be a song for Cyndi Lauper.  Word is even The Temptations even almost did this song!  The music video was played over and over on MTV.

  • Holiday

    Another one from that 1983 Madonna debut album, this song was pitched to Mary Wilson from The Supremes!  But Madonna made it a huge hit, again, even without an official music video.

  • Live To Tell

    Madonna had so many hits one after another in the 80s, some like this one get forgotten.  This was originally meant to be another soundtrack song, but it got turned down for the movie “Fire With Fire.”  Madonna ended up using it for one of Sean Penn’s movies.

  • Like A Prayer

    This one was famous for its controversial music video.  Madonna says she wanted to tackle racism.  A Pepsi commercial featuring the song got religious leaders up in arms, prompting a boycott.  MTV kept playing it anyway.

  • Erotica

    Madonna was sexy in the 80s but got super frisky in the 90s.  The title track from her 1992 album Erotica was the highest debuting single on the Billboard Hot 100 since the 70s.  But it was also her first lead single to not hit #1 since 1983.

  • Justify My Love

    Another one that pushed the boundaries, you may not be aware “Justify My Love” was co-written by Lenny Kravitz.  The music video was supposed to debut on MTV, but the network instead ended up initially banning it saying it was too steamy.

  • Hung Up

    This music video for this dance club jam is a tribute to John Travolta’s dancing in his movies.

  • Bad Girl

    A song from Erotica in 1993 about one of those toxic relationships.

  • Vogue

    Probably still our most requested Madonna song on Q105, “Vogue” had us striking a pose in 1990. The black and white music video was shot during rehearsals for Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour. It got 9 nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards that year.

  • Crazy For You

    An early Madonna classic from the 1985 movie “Vision Quest.”

  • Die Another Day

    Did you forget Madonna did a song for a James Bond movie? Yup. This one from 2002 was written not long after the attacks on September 11. Madonna was said to be in an “introspective” mood. The video is definitely a darker departure from the happy go lucky 80s Madonna vibe.

  • Don't Tell Me

    This song was originally called “Stop.” Madonna changed things up a bit and gave it her touch and put it on her 2000 album Music.

  • Express Yourself

    Madonna has always been about female empowerment and this one is an anthem for it. The music video for this one had a whopping (for the time) budget of $5 million. Record companies were willing to blow that kind cash back in the days because people actually paid for their music… and music videos were basically ads!

  • La Isla Bonita

    You might be surprised (I was) to find out this is Madonna’s most viewed music video on her official YouTube channel!

  • Don't Cry For Me Argentina

    From the Evita movie in 1996, this one was one of those rare moments when critics universally praised Madonna for her vocals in this performance.

  • Bedtime Story

    A song written by Bjork, even though she said she’s not necessarily a fan of Madonna’s.  This one from 1995 was meant to reach less of a pop audience and more of a soul music crowd, according to author Lucy OBrien.

  • Ray Of Light

    The title track from Madonna’s 1998 album had an electronic/techno vibe that the clubs loved that year. It won a Grammy for the music video and a Music Video Award for the song. Interesting twist huh?

  • Rain

    An often-forgotten hit from the early 90s, the music video won MTV Video Music Awards for its art direction and cinematography.

  • Bit** I'm Madonna

    Only Madonna would wrap a set like this.  After a mashup of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and “Like A Virgin,” Madonna finished the night with this one from 2015 she did with Nicki Minaj.

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