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Mason Dixon

Mason Dixon


We’ve all been in a parking lot and in a hurry, but there are some rules for being a good citizen. Pay attention here and possibly you can “win friends, and (maybe) influence some other people.”

The Tampa Bay area has been rough on drivers and pedestrians. We all need to be more careful and courteous.

Check out my list of do’s and mostly don’ts when you go looking for that illusive perfect place to park your vehicle.

  • 1 The Disabled Parking Spot

    #1 Has to be the disabled spot. It’s always the closest to the building, and for good reason.

    If you aren’t and don’t have the proper sticker-DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT PARKING THERE!!! No excuses-DON’T DO IT!!! No, not even to run in the store for just a second. Thank you.

  • 2 Taking Multiple Parking Spaces

    #2 This one goes to anyone who has a nice car and doesn’t want to risk a door ding. DON’T TAKE UP MULTIPLE SPACES!!! People have done some unspeakable things to cars parked this way. You don’t want to come out and have something worse than a door ding done to your car.

  • 3 Put Shopping Carts Where They Belong

    #3 This one goes with number 2. When you use a shopping cart and unload at your car, please put it back in the designated place for it. Don’t leave it right where you unloaded or just shove it across the parking lot.

    These carts when blown by the wind can put some serious dings in someone’s car. You know you wouldn’t want it to be your car that gets hit. It only takes a little time to put it back, so think of others, not just yourself.

  • 4 Don't Stalk

    #4 I hate to bring this one up but, it’s a dangerous world and you hear about people being car jacked and or robbed in parking lots.

    That said, if the lot is very full and someone is walking out to their car, don’t follow right behind them with your car to get their spot. They may think you are up to no good, and remember, many folks are armed these days. DON’T FREAK THEM OUT THIS WAY!!

  • 5 Slow Down!

    #5 I know you are in a hurry. We all are, but please don’t go flying through a crowded parking lot.

    There are Moms and Dads and kids who don’t always look out for cars. SLOW DOWN and look out for them, not just that parking spot two rows over. I love my listeners and want to keep you all around.

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