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Here’s another list from Mason! The year was 1983, and here’s his list of the best 15 songs from the year.
The list began at 5, then it grew to 10… I finally stopped at 15. There were so many great songs in 1983, it’s sad to see them left off of the list.

Here’s what I came up with for the Top 15 songs of 1983.

  • 15 'Sexual Healing' - Marvin Gaye

    Marvin’s first release since his exit from Motown.

  • 14 'Stand Back' - Stevie Nicks

    Featured Prince on synthesizer and Toto’s Steve Lukather on guitar.

  • 13 'Promises, Promises' - Naked Eyes

  • 12 'Affair Of The Heart' - Rick Springfield

  • 11 'Dirty Laundry' - Don Henley

    A song sometimes difficult to find online.

    Personnel included Toto’s Steve Porcaro (Keyboards, effects), Steve Lukather (guitar) and Jeff Porcaro (drums), along with Joe Walsh (guitar) and Timothy B. Schmit (bass)

  • 10 'Straight From The Heart' - Bryan Adams

  • 9 'Stray Cat Strut' - Stray Cats

  • 8 'I Won't Hold You Back' - Toto

    Along with the great musicians from Toto, Timothy B. Schmit added backing vocals.

  • 7 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)' - Journey

  • 6 'I Know There's Something Going On' - Frida

    Anni-Frid Lyngstad of ABBA, also known as Frida did this solo singler that featured the unmistakable sound of Phil Collins on drums, Phil was also the producer of the song.

  • 5 'Little Red Corvette' - Prince

    It wasn’t until after we lost Prince that these songs were available online. He was very protective of his music.

  • 4 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' - Bonnie Tyler

    Backed by the power of Jim Steinman’s writing, the song also featured Rick Derringer on guitar and Max Weinberg on drums.

  • 3 'Billie Jean' - Michael Jackson

  • 2 'She Works Hard For The Money' - Donna Summer

  • 1 'Every Breath You Take' - Police