The Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party!

Saturday Nights 7pm to Midnight

Here’s the lineup of performers who’ll be at Miami’s Freestyle Explosion. Be sure to listen to the Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party as we reveal the TAMPA lineup next! Miami’s lineup looks quite similar to the one we had in Tampa with Lisa Lisa and Stevie B headlining. Here’s who else will be at the Wastco Center at the University of Miami on Saturday, March 26.

  • Stevie B

    The no-brainer. You can’t have a Freestyle Explosion without Stevie!

  • Lisa Lisa

    She’s part of the Snoop Army now! Fo shizzle.

  • TKA

    Many say they stole the show in Tampa. Can’t disagree.

  • K7

    And of course when you have TKA, you have K7 so you get to hear one of my favorite 90s jams!

  • Tag Team

    Hopefully they’ll close the show like they did in Tampa with a performance of “Scoop There It Is.”

  • Lil Suzy

    We didn’t get to see her in Tampa!

  • The Cover Girls

    They performed at Freestyle Explosion Tampa in 2019 at USF and were fantastic.

  • Expose

    They had Tampa dancin’ this summer.

  • Lisette Melendez

    Another one we didn’t get to see at Amalie Arena or at USF, so maybe it’s worth the road trip?

  • 69 Boyz

    They were AWESOME at Freestyle Explosion in Tampa.  Take it back to 1994.

  • Jaya

    She’ll perform her 80s jam “If You Leave Me Now” for sure!

  • Connie

    She was fantastic when she kicked off Freestyle Explosion Tampa at USF in 2019.