Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block perform onstage during the 2021 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 21, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

What songs will the New Kids do when they come to Tampa with Paula Abdul? The show is coming up Friday, July 19 at the MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre. If you’ve been on the fence about buying tickets for the show, it’s probably because you’re probably curious about the list of songs they’ll perform. The New Kids on the Block 2024 tour setlist might disappoint old school NKOTB fans.

Sure you remember “Hangin’ Tough” and “You Got It (The Right Stuff).” But if all you want to hear are those 1980s NKOTB classics from Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, you might want to take a look through the New Kids on the Block 2024 tour setlist before you buy those tickets. There a LOT of new songs from the New Kids.

Since the group got back together and announced their reunion on The Today Show in 2008, the New Kids have put out a lot of new material. Longtime hardcore fans have supported the group since their comeback. But let’s be honest. You want to relive your childhood. Maybe you never got to see the Boston boyband back in the day. The 2000s New Kids music might be something you really don’t care much to see. Don’t get me wrong – they do the big 80s hits. Which ones? Take a look below.

The tour kicked off a few nights ago so we now have a pretty good idea of the songs the NKOTB will perform when they come to Tampa. Sure things could change between now and then, but with the way concerts are done these days, lighting, special effect, backing tracks and stage changes have to be precisely coordinated to the second. So this New Kids on the Block 2024 tour setlist is almost certain to be unchanged for the Amp.

If you are going to the show, don’t forget to dress up in the brightest colors you have in your closet! We want this to be the biggest and brightest show of the tour.

  • Magic

    If you’re only here for the nostalgia, you’re going to have to wait through a lot of the new music from the New Kids like this one. They will do all the classics, but you’re going to need to be patient. Magic is a song from the new album “Still Kids.” Is the group trying too hard to blend with in with the music of 2024?

  • Summer Love

    This one’s another new song from 2024 from their new album “Still Kids.” If you’re not into the newer New Kids music, take your time finding a parking spot and your seat. Much of the first half of the show is dedicated to the group’s music of the 2000s after they got back together. The oldies are still to come.


  • My Favorite Girl

    One of the earliest New Kids songs, the group would often open their concerts back in the day with this one. This video clip is from the group’s Hangin’ Tough Live VHS video. DVDs weren’t a thing quite yet. Don’t forget to clean your VCR heads.

  • Cover Girl

    Another one of the cheesy early bubble gum era New Kids radio hits. This one is from that VHS video too. This one hit the charts in 1988. It was the last song released from Hangin’ Tough. It was one of the New Kids hits with Donnie Wahlberg on lead vocals.

  • Dirty Dancing

    80s New Kids fans who didn’t jump on for the big comeback in the 2000s may not remember these next few songs. This one was released right after that Today Show reunion in 2008. It wasn’t really a hit here in the U.S. But fans were just glad the group was back together and touring again.

  • Summertime

    Another one of the group’s attempts to get back on the charts the second time around. It was the first single the group released when they reformed in 2008, their first single in 14 years. Fans loved it but it barely cracked the Top 40 peaking at #36.

  • You Got It (The Right Stuff)

    It’s the song that introduced everyone to the famous New Kids dance. Did anyone ever find out why they’re running around in a graveyard? This one even got the Weird Al parody treatment, called “The White Stuff.” It was an ode to the creamy filling inside Oreos.

  • Remix (I Like the)

    Back to the newer music again. It’s too bad they didn’t include more from their last album before the group broke up in the 90s. It had a couple decent songs, but America had had enough of the New Kids and the album tanked. But it’s surprising to me they couldn’t get in 1 or 2 songs from “Face The Music” given how many 2000s song they’re sticking in this setlist.

  • Block Party

    One more from the recent New Kids era. This one from 2013 didn’t set the charts on fire, but the group did well with a tour with Boys II Men and 98 Degrees. Don’t worry. More classics are on the way if you missed this material from the New Kids reunion.

  • Tonight

    From their Step By Step album, this had strange lyrics. They went for a “retro” vibe and looking back at the good ol’ days of the first album, which had only been out for about 2 years. I remember back in the day when I played this song on the radio it often was described as having a Beatles vibe. Not so sure about that. But it did reach #7 in the U.S. It was their last Top 10 hit.

  • Are You Down?

    Most think of the first New Kids album as being Hangin’ Tough. But there was one before that. It was long before the group took off. Get a load of their voices in this one!

  • Where Do I Go From Here?

    This one from the Step By Step album was never on the radio, but Joey McIntyre fans loved it when he had his solo time back in the day.

  • Treat Me Right

    Another one Joey does during his solo routine as he did back in the day. It’s from the group’s first album before they really took off in America.

  • Call It What You Want

    The New Kids did release this one as a single. It even had a MTV music video. But it tanked. By the time this song came out, America had kind of had enough of the “Kids.” It’s too bad – it was one of their better songs.

  • Popsicle / Games / This Is How We Do It

    This medley goes back to the first album, one of their last singles and then a cover of Montell Jordan’s classic jam.

  • Stay With Me Baby

    I don’t know whose idea it was for the New Kids on the Block to do a reggae song. It won’t go down in history as being on the Marley level, but it’s a fun cheesy throwback from the Step By Step era.

  • Baby, I Believe in You

    Time for Jordan to get his solo time on stage. This one was a favorite of Jordan fans from the New Kids era, but he actually had a couple good jams after the group broke up. His cover of Prince’s “Never Take The Place Of Your Man” was pretty good. But you get this one instead. These concerts are all about the nostalgia.

  • Never Gonna Fall in Love Again

    Danny Wood is the often forgotten member of the group, but even he gets some solo time on this tour.

  • Happy Birthday

    Even Jon, the first one to quit the New Kids on the Block, gets his solo time. It’s not like there was a deep catalog of Jon singles. It’s pretty much this one, so choosing a song for Jon’s solo was probably pretty easy.

  • Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) / Valentine Girl

    More Jordan ballads from the New Kids early years featuring his signature falsetto.

  • Please Don't Go Girl

    The song that helped launch the group to dominance in the malls of America in the late 80s. Joey McIntyre’s voice is a few octaves lower these days though.

  • Get Down

    Some new music from the New Kids with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Gotta love the use of Donna Summer’s classic “Upside Down” in this one.

  • Dance With You / A Love Like This / In The Night / Long Time Coming

    Some more new music. This first one has the 80s vibe that The Weeknd had some big hits with a few years ago.

  • Summertime

    DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince did this one back in the day. Don’t expect Will Smith to make a cameo though. The New Kids will provide the lead vocals.

  • Kids

    Yep. More new music.

  • I'll Be Loving You (Forever)

    Another one of the New Kids monster hits from the 80s. It was the group’s first song to hit #1 in the U.S. Stick around. This isn’t the finale. There will be an encore.

  • Step by Step

    As a baby DJ in the 90s, this one was the song that really pushed the New Kids fatigue. Fans loved it but the rest of the radio listeners were getting quite tired of NKOTB by this point. This song was everywhere. On the radio. On MTV. You couldn’t escape it. It would be the group’s last #1 hit single.

  • Hangin' Tough / We Will Rock You

    The New Kids always ended their shows with this one. It was a big radio hit, but for New Kids fans (aka “Blockheads”), this was their anthem. As much heat as they got from non-fans and the media, the group kept persevering and here they are almost 40 years later still “hangin’ tough.” I’d beat the traffic and head out during this one. It’ll be the last of the big pre 2000’s New Kids songs.

  • Better Days

    The Kids will send you home with more new music. The different part of this one? Jon’s on lead vocals.

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