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Selecting a baby name can be tough, especially with thousands of options available. Some parents stress over the lasting influence of their child’s name, wanting to ensure a prosperous future. Trends in naming kids mirror shifting cultural norms and evolving ambitions for children.

Getting baby names right has taken on a new level of importance for expecting parents. In fact, TikTok has become a platform where creators gather substantial followings by discussing baby name trends and highlighting names to avoid due to their trendiness. They openly share names they considered but didn’t use, along with names they’d rather not encounter again. TikTok’s baby name inspiration videos now focus on various themes, including “old money” names such as Caroline, Elizabeth, and Charlotte, “main character” names like Blaze, Arrow, and Falcon, and “aesthetic” names like Rowan, Wren, and Atlas.

Celebrities are accustomed to unconventional names. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and musician Grimes named their first child X Æ A-12, often called “X.” Their second child is Exa Dark Sideræl. They also affectionately refer to their daughter as Sailor Mars, inspired by the “Sailor Moon” manga series.

“The Most Unusual Name I’ve Encountered in Real Life”

Occasionally, parents opt to invent a name, a decision that carries some level of uncertainty. While they might create something distinctive and appealing, there’s also a chance of the child being given a name perceived as peculiar by others. This situation arose for a baby, drawing significant attention on Reddit. The name of the child came to light through a thread titled, “The Most Unusual Name I’ve Encountered in Real Life.”

It reads, “So my mother just told me the name of her ex’s child and my GOD is it a doozy. He and his wife named their daughter: Audtom. Because his name is Tom and her name is Audrey. I could not f—ing believe my ears.”

The worst baby names

Commenters had strong opinions, with many criticizing the name choice. Others suggested more seamless ways to combine the parents’ names, including one person who wrote, “Assuming this is pronounced ‘Autumn’ and not ‘Odd-Tom,’ would it have killed them to just spell it Autom?”

Another person suggested, “Not me thinking ‘Tomrey’ would be better,” and another joked, “They missed an opportunity: ‘Tawdry.’”

Redditors even came up with baby names that they considered to be the worst. Take a look at some of these names below.

  • Gridget

    “When I was a kid I stayed at a bed & breakfast with family photos on the walls,” one user wrote. “There was a sister named Gridget. I actually think about this a lot.” It’s kind of like a spin on the name Bridget. This Redditor seems really stuck on the name they found.

    Stressed new mother feeling the pressure of motherhood

    nicoletaionescu/ Getty Images

  • Shanniel

    This unique name caught this person off guard. They even tried to figure it out by mixing it with other names. “I once saw a baby announcement where the mom was named Shannon, the dad was Daniel, and they named the baby Shanniel,” they wrote.

    Stressed Mom Holding Newborn Baby Outdoors

    nicoletaionescu/ Getty Images

  • Dyslexia

    Sometimes people just go with the flow when picking a name for their kid. Maybe it felt right at the time, and they didn’t even realize it’s also the name of a condition. While working at a gas station, this Reddit user observed a mother who let her child run around wild. They wrote “One small girl was pushing on a display stand and the mother screamed: ‘DYSLEXIA GET YO A– OVER HERE!”

    Pregnant Woman Trying New Eyeglasses Having Different Diopters

    nicoletaionescu/ Getty Images

  • Donnaria

    Back in school on the playground, this person probably had a rough time. This is particularly true because their name coincidentally rhymes with a sexually transmitted disease. Nevertheless, a user pointed out that it’s a clever fusion of two names. “Donnaria. A combination of her Mom’s name (Donna) and Grandma’s name (Gloria),” they wrote.

    Tired desperate mother and baby crying

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    Bacardi, Hennessy, Tanqueray, Alizé – the names keep coming. It turns out a Redditor, who happened to work in children and family services, encountered kids with names inspired by alcoholic beverages almost every day. “You don’t know how bad it really gets. Lots of kids named after alcoholic beverages.”

    Woman with baby and glass of wine

    Image Source/ Getty Images

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