Overall, St Pete is a great place to live or visit. Depending on who you ask, they might say it’s even better than across the bridge in Tampa. Even though St. Pete has tons of nightlife, attractions, great restaurants, and breweries, some think it’s missing some key elements. We dove down a Reddit thread and found 5 things residents say that are missing from St. Pete.

The Sunshine City was recently named a trending travel destination by Trip Advisor. It ranked #2 in spots to travel for 2024. St. Pete is known to average over 300 days of sunshine, so there’s always an opportunity to explore, except it’s missing a vital element to allow residents and tourists to move around easily. Public transport is a big issue and wants in the Tampa Bay area. The only options you have in St. Pete are the PSTA busses and Sun Runner.

Pros and Cons of St. Pete

Like we said, there’s lots to love about St. Pete. One of the best things about the city is its easy beach access. Instead of dealing with crowded beaches and tourist nonsense, you can opt for a more local-friendly spot like Pass-a-Grille or Indian Rocks Beach. It’s the same gorgeous views, but less hassle. Another thing St. Pete has to offer is an amazing arts scene. Between the Dali Museum, The Fairgrounds, and the endless galleries on Central Ave, there is a lot to immerse yourself in. A lot of people also say that the nightlife scene is better in St. Pete compared to Tampa. In St. Pete, you have more walkable options and a big downtown stretch to bar hop, and most places are open pretty late. Tampa has a bunch of clubs in Ybor and Soho. But if you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe, St. Pete is the move.

Much like all the cities surrounding Tampa Bay, the lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest complaints from St. Pete residents. Every month it seems we read about a new luxury condo complex being built. We would like to see more affordable options, especially for those who have lived here their whole lives.

Here are 5 Things That Are Missing In St. Pete

  • Light Rail/Better Public Transit

    Like we said earlier, we have the PSTA and Sun Runner, but some type of light rail in Downtown St. Pete would be fantastic. Residents seem to agree overall that the city could use more bike lanes with medians, car free walkable spaces and more parks/ greenery in general.




  • Multipurpose "Food Hall" Space

    Tampa has Armature Works, so why doesn’t St. Pete have a similar concept of a food hall/multipurpose space. Unlike the pier, preferably something indoors would be nice!

    St. Pete Pier


  • Dueling Piano Bar

    We saw someone suggest this on the Reddit thread and loved the idea. There is a dueling piano bar in downtown clearwater, but that’s quite the hike when you’re spending the evening in St. Pete. With the late night hours in St. Pete, we think a spot like this would do really well.

  • Outdoor Skating Area

    This totally fits the vibe of St. Pete. We’re surprised there’s no public outdoor skating rink of any kind. A partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning would get people out there too! If this ever happens, they better make sure it’s shaded!

    Detail of girls rollerblading with knee pads

  • Costco

    Last but not least on our list is Costco. The closest Costco to the St. Pete area is off Gulf To Bay Blvd in Clearwater. We need one off 4th street or 34th street!

    NILES, IL - JUNE 16:  Shoppers enter and leave a Costco store June 16, 2005 in Niles, Illinois. The larger "big box" stores such as Costco, Target's SuperTarget and Wal-Mart's Supercenter stores are offering premium beef and poultry items, competing against other supermarkets and the smaller independent grocers and butcher shops. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)


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